How to make cell keypad numbers...

sarahlee123August 20, 2012

...easier to see? Someone I know is having a hard time finding the numbers. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

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Easiest thing is simply put a dot on the 5, assuming you have a 3x4 layout. Then it's easy to find any number. Start at the five and you know 1, 2 & 3 are up and to the left, center and right, respectively, 4 & 6 are directly to the left, and so on.

I don't put dots on them but that's how I tend to dial most all phones these days.

It's really easy & effective.

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Great idea, Cynic. Dumb question: where do you get dots that will stick? Or do you just use nail polish or the like?

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.Good idea I just noticed that on my Eazy Eeys keyboard there is a little bump on the letters J and F (where your index fingers are supposed to rest in typing

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Minnie those are called your "home" keys. I think all keyboards have them. I don't have to look at my keyboard when I type, just get your fingers on the home keys and take off.


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FlamingO in AR

You can find stick-on dots in the scrapbooking section of the craft store. I bought ones that look like tiny water droplets. I keep adding them to my keyboard home keys because the original ones wore off. The stick on ones eventually fall off, I guess I could use super-glue but I hate to risk dripping it into the keyboard.

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There are larger number cell phones out there - and not just the "Jitterbug" phones (I think those are kind of a rip off)

Check with your provider to see if they have any of those phones available.

It seems like it is getting harder to find "just a phone" anymore - everything is smart phone, and I don't want one.

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Along with the stick-on dots (but if your friend has a flip-phone, you'll want to make sure the dot doesn't get stuck to the phone's screen), many bookstores sell credit-card-size magnifying cards -- just a thin piece of plastic, no metal edges or bulky handle -- that he/she can just place over the keys when needed to make a call and then just tuck into her purse with the phone.

If you have a Books-a-Million near you, I'm pretty sure they still stock them, perhaps B&Noble, too. Or even an Ace Hardware might have them, or a CVS or other drugstore where the prescription counter is.

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