too sour

clairdo2August 20, 2012

I made an apple crist with sour apples i picked and it's way too sour even though i put more sugar then recipe called for, What can i do to make it sweeter ?

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Make a carmel sauce to spoon over it, and with vanilla ice cream to boot!

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or use a maple or pancake syrup with it when u serve it

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Make a crumble topping using melted butter with brown sugar you can add chopped pecans and it will be a praline topping. Just melt butter add sugar to begin to dissolve add nuts stir constantly. Pour over pie.

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Is it salvageable? Sometimes it's time to say oops and toss it out. I imagine you could add more sugar and mix it in but it would be more of a glop rather than a (presumably) crisp, but will it taste right? I hate to waste food, but I've had enough mistakes that should just be written off that I weigh the pros and cons on whether to try to salvage it.

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I'd use it for bird food! I made a terrible apple pie last year that I just put in the back yard. The birds picked the plate clean!

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