Whats for dinner Friday?

lazypupAugust 17, 2012

We haven't had fish for a long time and I have 2lbs of nice Tilapia fillets so I decided I will make Chinese Steamed Fish & Fried Rice

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This will be quite an adventure for me. My mom will be here today. She lives in Florida. Was raised in the mid-west. She's often mentioned, with great longing, breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches that she remembered as a child. I hope I have run across the *perfect* recipe for that sandwich that brings back fond memories of almost 70 years ago for her. *fingers crossed*

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Since we are having a cool day at last, I have potatoes, fresh carrots, garlicky pork chops and golden mushroom soup in the crock pot, Salad will be lettuce with sliced fresh tomatoes. Beginning to smell good!

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Sadness, it's the last of our spring-frozen fava beans. Next year, we'll freeze more!

We'll have DH's favorite. Pappardelle pasta with diced ham and fava beans in cream with a bit of parmesan. Green salad on the side.

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Barbecue sandwiches with pork barbecue from one of our favorite BQ restaurants with slaw and chips. I'll raise a glass of reisling for TGIF.


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We just got home from having lunch and a visit with my step-father.

He took me out for lunch for my birthday, along with hubby and my aunt (Mom's sister).

I'm still comfortably full. I had bruschetta, baked ziti and tartufo for dessert. There was bread to go with our meals as well.

Like Jude, I'll raise my glass of iced tea that I'm drinking, to TGIF! Hubby is out mowing the lawn to work off lunch :D

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Johnny Rockets with grandson. He's been asking me to take him before school starts. Today was the day!

Had a coupon for buy one hamburger get one free.

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The girls and I had lunch at Roby's Sandwich Shop. I had the Hoosier breaded tenderloin and just water to drink. It was so big and really good. I am not eating any supper tonight.

Sue in Central Indiana

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Tuna Salad. I'm the only one who likes and the only one home tonight so on this very warm day it is tuna salad for me. Looking forward to it.

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Sorry, Lazypup, I didn't noticed you had started the dinner post.

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