Do you think a good percentage of letters

kfca37August 30, 2012

to Dear Abbie-type advice columns are just plain faux?

In today's newspaper there was a lady who complained that her husband was probably not true to her, & how could she make him true to her. BTW, she's his fourth wife. I often wonder the same about the "Miss Manner's" letters. The letters often sound as "arch" as her replies.

Now that correspondence to advice columnist can so eaasily be sent via email, which lends itself SO easily to fiction creativity, I can't help but wonder.

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Could be. I never take those columns too seriously. If good advise is gven and something can be leaarned then who cares if it's made up. I look at is an entetainment.

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I do not think that "Dear Abbey" has to make up stuff. I believe that she recieves more letters on a daily basis than she ever replies to. Her file cabinet must be stuffed with material. Therefore, on a slow day, she could dive into the files to find a subject, and then highly fictionalize it. Is all that stuff true? Who knows?

However, some of the subjects are so dim witted that I suspect these submissions are made up and sent in as a lark, or maybe as a heavily disguised tale about a real event and the submitter wishes to find advice without revealing too much about themself.

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I think the 'original' Dear Abbey (or her sister) always claimed that the letters were true and that "life was/is stranger than fiction". I sort of agree with that idea.

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