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marilyn_sueAugust 9, 2012

We finally got some rain and I was looking forward to seeing how much we got. Just my luck the rain gauge was laying on the ground! Possibly raccoons did it as they had a party last night in my sweet corn! I just got through making 13 jelly jars and a custard cup of raspberry flavored zucchini jam. I hope it sets up. The flavor is good though even if it doesn't get like jam should be. It is still hot. I fixed smoked sausage with onions, peppers, and zucchini and spaghetti sauce for my lunch. Cheryl came and and had to eat some of it too as it really smells good. She is coming back in awhile and going to try and pick some more sweet corn before the raccoons get more of it. She has been freezing it for us. We did get a nice amount of rain is all I can say for now. Did anyone else get rain today and what have you been doing?

Sue in Central Indiana

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No rain yet, hope we don't get any because the grass needs mowed and I need to paint a door. Just got back from Wal-Mart to pick up paint and a few other things. We got burgers from Burger King for me and Maria. Love their Whopper Jr. with cheese.

Trying to get things ready for our exchange student who will be here tomorrow.

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It started to rain here this morning and has been continuing all day, a nice slow, constant drizzle. Boy do we need it. The temps cooled off considerably. It's currently 20C (68F).

I made potato salad yesterday for today's dinner, but I feel like hot potatoes. We're having the potato salad anyway.

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No rain here yet. But 'they' say it is coming.

I just stirred up some grape salad to take tomorrow to my sister's. A friend wrote down her recipe for me some time ago. Got the ingtedients she had listed at the store this morning, but after I got home, I got to thinking that something was missing. Went to the internet to search recipes...good grief, there must be a million variations, but all have sour cream, which friend didn't list and I didn't have. So, sent hubby back to the store. Now I have to go make pasta salad for tomorrow. I know that I have everything I need for that.

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We had two--count 'em--two, rains this afternoon. It rained good but not for long around 3, then around 3:30 it rained again and just stopped a few minutes ago. I saw on the news that your weather in Indiana is going to cool off because of a cold front coming down from Canada. Thank you Canada!! My DS and BIL just left for southern Indiana today to start clearing out his mother's house. She died last month at the age of 100.

Sue, your garden is the gift that just keeps giving!! You're going to have a houseful of full canning jars before long. Good thing, too. Because of the drought, groceries are supposed to go even higher than they are now. Your lunch sounds good!!

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My sister and I went to Amish country today. I have a lot less money in my purse, but lots of good things, some ready to eat, the remainder for many meals to come.

Gazania, you gave me a chuckle with your 'they' say it's coming...... One of these days, I'm going to meet 'they'.

It's acting like it's going to storm/rain here soon. I like the rain but not that 'possibility' of severe with hail and winds. Might rain most of the day tomorrow.


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No rain, just the same ole, same ole heat is back on full furnace blast.

I washed dishes before going to work this morning, and worked on my "crappy go to work bike" after getting home. Rode the long way home, as I stopped at the hardware store. Showed them a picture (on my digital camera) of what I needed for my storm windows, but was told to bring one in to make sure they sell me the right size.

Sooo, drove over, and left a window there. The guy that works in that department had left for his dinner break. Just my luck.

Now I have to go back.

Meanwhile, I fixed a latch on a cabinet door.


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Huge storm this morning. Power outages, streets flooded downtown. More to comes, as news just said.

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I took a friend out today, she's in very early stages of dementia and is depressed. We shopped for a couple hours in four different stores, neither one of us bought much but it was good to spend some time together. I think she enjoyed herself. Rained in the morning rather hard, but then got very humid. Right now, there we have a light rain.

Shirley, where in Amish country did you go today? I live in Wayne County right next door to Holmes Co.

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Sorry to take so long to answer you, schoolhouse, but right after I posted yesterday, a line of thunderstorms started coming through our area and didn't stop until after I'd gone to bed. I shut down my pc when there's a storm.

I go to an area in Holmes county. Until I looked it up just now, I always thought it was in Tusc county. Small world.


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