My Bread Sunk!

jasdipAugust 20, 2010

When I opened my bread-maker to take the bread out, there was a funny looking sight.

The top had sunken in so that my loaf is now concave.

Obviously it rose and sunk. No idea why, I did nothing different. Has this happened to any of you?

The good thing, is that now the slices will be square! LOL

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Thats a shame it sunk ! Never has happened to me, because I have never made homemade bread ! Sad, huh !

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I've had the loaf sink before, Idon't know why. Could it be the temp or humidity?
I just hate when that happens, all that work & $$, right to the trash.

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Oh, I'll bet it is tasty even though it sunk! Let us know Sherry how your square slices tasted, :)


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Yup, it over rose. When that happens, the little yeasty beasties die back, and there is no support for them, so the loaf sinks. Just don't let it rise as long on a hot day.

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If you find out what caused it, let me know. I'd love to become concave in the middle!!

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LOL Patti!
I'll be sure to market it heavily!!!

I always use my bread-machine as opposed to baking by hand. Today is a comfortable day, no humidity, not raining.
So strange that it sunk. Oh well, no worries.
It's all sliced, (not quite square slices, more like horns at the top). It'll make great toast, still I'm sure.
IF it absolutely can't be eaten, it'll make great croutons!

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French toast!!!!! or garlic bread.... over rose, then ran out of food to eat...sugar and crashed....why....usually it's hotter out than usual and that speeds it up....So don't know.

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We were having that problem a lot so we started pulling a handful of dough out after it gets mixed. We don't have the problem anymore.

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That's funny adellabedella (hmmm how can I shorten your name?) lol
I've been wanting my breads to rise higher....lately they've just been getting to a little over the rim of the pan.
I go from 3 1/2 to 4 cups flour in, and today I did the
3 1/2 cups. I'd better go back to using 4!!

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jas....are you using white all purpose flour AND gluten? I get great rise, fluffy bread & unless I use something heavy like bran or oatmeal I only use 3 cups flour.....Let's compare recipes. How about posting your recipe on the recipe forum. I can post some of mine and we can will be fun!

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OK Nicole!

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I added the gluten flour today, and I put it in the measuring cup then filled the cup with flour. I'm thinking I should add the gluten flour *in addition* to the amount of flour.

But that shouldn't have made the difference in the way it turned out, or "not" turned out as the case may be. ;-)

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I add the 3 TBL gluten in addition to the all purpose flour.....your right....3 TBL less flour and it fell....nah....that's not it. They say if you let the machine sit with all the ingredients in it and program it to come on later, not to put the salt on top of the yeast?

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I keep the salt (and sugar) away from the yeast. I generally dissolve the salt in the milk. If I don't, I just make sure it's in a corner.
I haven't yet programmed it to come on later.

'tis a mystery for sure. I'm curious to see how it tastes.
Hubby aka Mikey will definitely give it a try.

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Only time I had that problem was the first time I used the bread machine. I followed the recipe exactly, tossing in the ingredients, in the proportions called for by the recipe book that came with the ABM, turned on the machine and let it do it's thing.

I realized immediately what the problem was. There was too much liquid. Using a bread machine doesn't mean it's a science, breadmaking is still an art. You need to monitor the mixing process, making sure that the proportions are correct, just as you need to adjust your bread recipes everytime you make them by hand or in a mixer if you want them to turn out perfectly consistently.

Next time, keep an eye on the dough as it mixes, adding more liquid or flour as needed, and I don't think you'll have any more problems. I never had another failed loaf with my machine once I started keepin an eye on things.

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Azzalea, I think you hit it!
I always check my dough when it starts mixing, and add water or flour if needed.
This dough was a little wet, and I didn't add the flour. I actually thought that perhaps that's why my bread isn't rising as much as it used to....that I was adding flour and making it too dry To My Thinking.

That must have been the mistake I made.

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Jasdip, perhaps your bread had that sinking feeling because it was being talked about on the forum? :) Maybe not.

From what I've read the top two things are yeast (usually too much) and liquid (again, too much). I've had it happen but it still tastes fine.

If you go into business selling these loaves, instead of marketing them as $12 loaves, perhaps they'll just be.... dare I say it? I know I'll be crucified again... must... resist.... but.... can't.... PENNY LOAF-ERS???

(oh GROAN yourself!!)

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