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jae_tn2August 10, 2012

I know you got preferred check-in, Glenda, but how did they do it? Did you go in early or a special entrance.....? You couldn't pay me to stand in that line or, for a matter of fact,go anywhere with that many people! I know you love to cruise as well as millions of other people, but I prefer doing what I did for 7 years. We rented an 8 bedroom house with 7 other couples who were friends, in Florida, on a very quiet beach. When we wanted an adventure, we drove to it then came back to the solitude on one of our balconies or night strolls on the beach.

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No this was our last port in Jamaica! Those people had been on excursions or shopping and were boarding the ship, Thursday, for our last day at sea, on Friday.

Pic was taken from our balcony.

When you embark the ship for cruising checkin, you go through a terminal, with long lines.

And yes, I get to miss the long lines embarking and disembarking, but NOT the long lines when you are in-port for excursions and shopping. I just know to get in earlier, so I miss those long lines. I'm not a souvenir shopper anymore :o)

The process is fast though and they keep you moving. You have to put all your shopping bags, etc thru an x-ray just like at the airport, and you have a ID card that you use to sign back in onto the ship.


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This pic is from cruise, last January, to Mahogany Bay, Honduras.

Lines aren't near as long. Just depends on the port and times of departure. And the number of excursions and shopping spots.

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This pic is the one Jae is referring to in her post. It's the long lines boarding the ship after excursions and shopping in Jamaica.

Had 3000 passengers on board the ship.

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I've only been on 2 cruises,and am going on one in October with some girlfriends. I don't recall really being bothered by waiting in long lines, they move pretty fast. I love cruising, also, Glenda and can't wait for mine!

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There were lots of excursions to choose from in Ocho Rios, and places to venture to. Shopping wasn't that great, I didn't think. That's why we were onboard ship after our excursion. Thus no big line for us.

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I don't think I'd really mind that long line... look at how beautiful the water is! Not a bad view while you wait.

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ttt for Jae

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