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marilyn_sueAugust 4, 2012

Hello all, I just put two ten inch peach pies in the oven and will put a ten inch blueberry pie in soon. Tomorrow is our church dinner and I will take a peach pie and a blueberry one. I am also planning on taking some of our yellow and red cherry tomatoes and an onion and cucumber salad. We gals went to a few rummage sales today, nothing too exciting at those. Cheryl and I did go back to the barn sale and I bought myself a nice Revere 4 1/2 quart pan and lid for $4.00. It is a nice size. Also bought some more Corelle bowls and small plates, twenty five cents each. For a dollar I bought a replacement lid for an oval crock pot. Discovered this forenoon that deer have found my corn patch and about four stalks were mashed down and the ears eaten! Not happy about that at all. While out there we started up the sprinkler again and Cheryl picked more sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini. Now I am going to scrub up a big pot of sweet potatoes and cook and peel for Amber to have in her freezer. So far last year's crop is still keeping well in my cool garage. I guess I should get busy again. What are the rest of you doing today? Hot and humid again and no rain.

Sue in Central Indiana

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Whew ! You sure got a lot done.
I finished up laundry, then got to the pool by 12:30.
About 30 minutes ago, thunder and lightning - packed up and came home.

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I've been doing some 'desk' decluttering. Going through papers, warranties, insurance books, shredding what's identifiable to me and tossing the rest. It's like this stuff grows when you're not looking. Also doing a lot of other odds/ends.

It's hot here in Ohio. Not much of a chance for rain. May get some tomorrow.


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Hi Marilyn and all

It's 99 degrees here in KS and no change except the high is only 100 instead 108+. Since it is Sat. I am doing laundry and nothing else, lazy me. I ordered a Pizza Hut pizza, haven't had one in 3 or 4 years, it was wonderful. I am watching the NCIS series, again and playing Mortimer Beckett hidden object/mystery The Lost King. You game lovers out there might want to try it. It is kind of difficult, but there are cheat sheets on the net. All is quiet here, boring as can be. Hope your day is more interesting.

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I didn't do a whole lot this morning, other than dishes and laundry. I still have more to do. Just got back from grocery shopping. I'm going to try a couple new recipes. One called for a purple onion, but they were $2.99 a pound at Kroger! The smallest one was 3/4 of a pound. No way am I paying that for one lousy onion. It also called for summer squash but they looked horrible, all shriveled up. So, I got zuchini instead. I wish I had made a little garden this year.

Now I have to make one of those dishes for the girls to eat over the next four days that I have to work. Not going to be fun. I also have to paint the new door that I had put in last week. I hope the white paint I have is still good.

Filled my gas tank up too...$3.79 here for Regular! Got it 10 cents cheaper with my Kroger card...still cost me over $60 to fill my car up. Not happy.

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Not much here except got the needed rain. Almost an inch but still need more. Farmer's corn and peas and soybeans need it. Also the wheat to fill out the heads.
Cool and nice outside.
Sue, you make me hungry for all the good stuff you bake. I know you will receive a special blessing for all the good you do for your family and friends.

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So far I've done nothing except watch the Olympics. For better or worse, I'm an Olympics junkie and my family leaves me alone for two weeks.

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Lazy day for me. Did laundry early this morning, then grocery shopped for ingredients for a casserole dish to take to the family reunion tomorrow. Putting it together now so I can bake first thing in the morning.

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Birthday present to ME is replacing glass on two doors, one in my bedroom and living room that lead out onto the deck. And a new living room double hung window.

Spluged, I think, and bought the blinds inbetween the glass for the 2 doors.

So I needed a valance for my bedroom door and found it, yea! Plus a magnet curtain rod.

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I like the blinds behind the glass too Glenda. I have them in between my patio door glass and at my back door. We just installed ours our self. I use those magnetic curtain rods too at my back door and in my club house at the door.


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Hi sounds like some of had lazy days. I did absolutely nothing all day. Took two naps and broiled some steak for dinner. It was not very good as it was tough. Might make some popcorn later. Marilyn Sue, you make me feel sooo lazy. Sounds like you had a busy day but nice to see your daughter for a bit. Enjoy your dinner tomorrow. Satine

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