Kindle Fire HD?

pkramer60August 13, 2013

I saw that Amazon has lowered the price on the 7" model and was curious. For those of you that have one, could you tell me what you use it for?

I will be heading out on vacation next week and am taking my laptop and a stack of books. Would this replace them?


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Have the 7". Hubby reads books and watches TV shows (via OnDemand) and sometimes movies. Connects to internet and does FB when not on his laptop. He limits the books to only those that publish online versions only. All our books are hardback and we keep them.

It could replace your laptop and books but keep in mind you have to "buy" the Kindle version of the book. There are a bunch of free books and there's a way to borrow them from others.

We like the Kindle!

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I also have the kindle fire,and I get most of my books for free or for minimal amounts.I also play games on it,get and store pics of the kids,grands,and great grands.

I didn't want one at first,but dh got an I pad and gave me the fire.Before I got that I just had the kindle 3G that you can only read on,i keep that one in the bedroom.

There are quite a few places to get free books.

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Thank you ladies, I may just take the plunge.

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The difference between "with special offers" and without is ads. You pay less for the Kindle with ads. It's worth the extra few dollars to get it without ads.

It's a great deal right now! Go for broke and get the one with 32G!

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