Need Home Remedy......Glue Removal

samkarenAugust 12, 2008

Does anyone here have any suggestions on what to use to remove glue? We pulled up the old carpet in our basement and we have a section of floor that has old glue on it. The previous owner did not have padding so they glued the carpet down. We are able to scrape it off but are looking for something that will use a little less elbow grease.



your resident DJ

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In a moment of desperatiion my husband used WD 40 to remove some glue that was stuck to our wood floor. Since it's a solvent is worked well and didn't damage the hardwood floor. But I can't imagine how many cans you'd go through. There must be another product you can try.

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As mcmann said - WD 40 works well. I used it on some rug runners that had been glued to our hardwood floor.

Get a plastic pot scrubber, do a little at a time, then rinse well. It IS hard work and DOES take time, but it doesn't mess up your floor. Good luck and let us know how it came out.

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Vinegar will remove any epoxy/glue.

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Believe it or not, I had heard about using real mayonnaise on glue, and it worked! It has to sit for about 5 minutes, but it did the job.

However, WD40 is tried and true.

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If WD 40 doesn't work, don't forget that a heat gun (available at home improvement stores) will melt the glue. You should then be able to 'ball' it up and remove it.

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Thanks for the ideas. DH is going to try the WD 40.

your resident DJ

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