Fantastic trip: In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark

bee0hioAugust 16, 2012

We just got home from a wonderful trip with Road Scholars (formerly Elderhostel). The journey started in St.Lois, MO and ended in Astoria, OR just as Lewis & Clark did in 1804-1806 on their Journey of Discovery. We traveled by motor coach bus thru IL, MO, KS, NB, IA, SD, ND MT following (roughly) the Missouri River to its source, then over/thru the Bitteroot Mtns thru ID, into WA, & finally to the Pacific Ocean in OR.

We had an on-board historian, made many stops @ Interpretive Centers & Museums, spots where L&C actually camped, Indian village sites, forts that were built, along with other sites along the way such as the Truman Library in Independence, MO and the C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT, a keelboat ride, and a river cruise @ the Gates of the Mountains.

What a memorable trip! We saw so many beautiful vistas & interesting sites & had so much fun with the 30 participants. This was our first Road Scholar adventure & I am sure it won't be our last! I highly recommend it for anyone, but especially if you like history & learning about early USA. Our inspiration to do it came from reading Stephen Ambrose's book: Undaunted Courage. Many/most others with us had read it also.

Has anyone else done this trip or any other RS trips?

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I haven't done any RS trips but have been to many of the places that you went to.

Two years ago we traveled through the Dakota's and Montana. During that trip we traveled close to the route that L & C took. We loved the museum in Great Falls and also went to Pompey's Pilar in Montana. We took the boat ride at the Gates of he Mountains and loved it.

This Summer we were in Oregon and Washington. While in the Astoria area we went to the L & C National Park and other places that they traveled through there.

I remember learning about L & C in High School but it sure is different and wonderful seeing it all in person. Quite the eye opener when you think of what they accomplished and the hardships they endured.

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I enjoyed Ambrose's book too. I still remember the story in the early stages of the expedition where they slogged for days through the plains flooded a foot or more deep and the health problems for them and their animals with that constant wet day after day. I wonder if it was in the Ohio area, but anyhow, in that passage, we can see the great advantage of planned flood control for our nation and what it was like without it.

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I hope you included the Lewis and Clark interpretive center at Washburn ND in your travels. They have been updating it and there is alot of history about that area You can also go thru a Indian village that has been recreated to show exactly how it was when they stayed here with his wife. I live about 1 1/2 north of it.

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I have done some of the Lewis and Clark bicycle route. Yes, very interesting route. Sounds like you had a GREAT trip. Might be something for me one of these days. Must take a look.



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What a fun trip Bee. If you traveled I-90 over Bozeman Pass, we lived on the west side of the pass with one of L&C campgrounds, at our driveway! I have studied the expedition for many years. Many people really became familiar with the story, after Ambrose's book and tv series. Several thing from it are disputed, by members of the Wyoming and Idaho Shosoni, but I think it is one of the most complete studies.
I always wonder about who is in the grave, where we placed mementos for years, before the book, if it wasn't Sacagawea. LOL

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Friend and her husband have a number of times done Elderhostel trips and last year the now Road Scholars trip, but don't reamember where. They travel a lot with groups.

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Sounds like a trip DH and I would really enjoy.
We spent a couple of weeks in Idaho and stopped at lots of historical markers and museums.
Thanks for sharing your adventure with us here.

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I remember learning about L & C in High School but it sure is different and wonderful seeing it all in person. Quite the eye opener when you think of what they accomplished and the hardships they endured. I couldn't agree more, Nita. In fact many versions of your statement were oft repeated on our journey. We visited the places you mentioned.

Marie, we did go to Washburn & visited the Interpretive Center & it was great! We stayed in Bismark & saw Sacagawea's Monument & the ND Heritage Center, Fort Lincoln, Custer House, and On-A-Slant Village (Indian), Fort Mandan, Knife River Indian Village Nat. Historic Site. Stopped @ the Painted Canyon Scenic Overlook & there were a herd of buffalo with babies grazing freely. The historian, Tom, said it was the 1st time in 12 years he has seen buffalo there. We also stayed in Medora, ND @ the beautiful Rough Rider Hotel & enjoyed walking/shopping in the lovely village.

Cathy, yes we went over Bozeman Pass! Iirc both Sacagawea & Sitting Bull's final resting places are not known for certain or under dispute. Sacagawea has the most monuments of any woman, probably deservedly so... she was an amazing very young lady. I thought of you when we passed thru Idaho on Route 12.... OMG what an absolutely beautiful drive following the Lochsa/Clearwater Rivers. Do you live any where near that "Wild & Scenic River Corridor"? Richie "Wm.Clark" Doyle stepped on the bus @ Traveler's Rest & rode/spoke a time.

Moni, it was a great trip... I hope you'll look into it. There were several singles in the group. 2 ladies shared accommodations & were paired up by the Road Scholar organization, thus saving $ for each. And you too Carol.... anyone who has a yen for history in general or L&C in particular.

DH especially enjoyed "the ride", not having to drive our rig, & getting to gawk around at the fabulous scenery.

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We live in in SW Idaho. We make at least one trip a year, to the Lochsa/Clearwater river. Sacagawea's son, Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, died of pnuemonia and is buried just south of us in Oregon. Lot's of history near us and we enjoy searching it out.

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