Harry needs some Kindle help

patti43August 31, 2012

Harry loves his Kindle. In fact, he spends a lot more time with it than he does me :-) It's a good thing, though. Lately when he's tried to order a book using his Kindle, he hits "Buy" and nothing happens. I can go on-line to Amazon and it works fine. His Kindle is the G3/WiFi keyboard kind, if that helps.

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Make sure he has the Kindle wi-fi turned on. I often have mine turned off to save battery life.

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Thanks, Jodi. At the top, on he right side, it has a G3 icon--should it read "wifi". In case he doesn't know, how does he change to wifi?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

it should show the wifi curved bars icon looks like a rainbow shape and should be lit up with at least one or 2 bars, yes wifi must be enabled on the device to connect and you must have a good live wifi signal available to connect to.
It should be in the settings area under networks and connections.

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I don't need wifi to order my books from amazon. I do not even have wifi capability on mine. I hit the menu bar on lower right, then move the dark line under turn wireless on. Wait until the reception bars at top are filled. Then you can order from amazon if you have your kindle registered with them. Sometimes it says 3G and sometimes it doesn't- don't know why! Don't forget to turn wireless off or it will use up battery fsst. I think mine is the first or second model.

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