Flipping automated phone calls from schools!

tami_ohioAugust 22, 2012

Talk about a panic attack. The school system that my grandchildren go to sent out an automated call to ALL parents that their children were absent! It was a glitch in the system, 2nd day of school. But that doesn't help the parents any. Every phone line was busy. DD has a heart condition. Her BP is thru the roof! DS's fiance has two boys whose father's have threatened to kidnap them. Yep, panic time! Glad it was just a glitch, but WOW!

Thanks for letting me vent! Panic attack on my end is over.


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Another black mark for automated calls!

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Yeah, after Liza went to live with another family last year, I continued to get calls when she was absent or tardy. Very annoying thinking it was your own child not going to school. Even after telling the school to take my name off her information, I still got those calls till the end of school year.

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