First day of school

sheilajoyce_gwAugust 14, 2012

Today is the first day of kindergarten for my older grandson. He is more than ready for it, especially since he will be 6 in December. His mom and almost 3 year old brother will bring him to school and stay for the parent info and opening day ceremony too.

We have been told this grade has far more girls than boys this year. We hope he finds some good friends and enjoys his whole experience.

We are having a hot spell here, and it is much more humid than usual, so he is lucky that the kindergartens are held in the air conditioned portable classrooms. His is an old school, and I don't think the main building has air conditioning at all. Luckily, we don't usually need AC.

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Our schools start in a week, or so, depending on the district. I bet your grandson is looking forward to this and making new friends.

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Better give your DD a call. She's probably in tears about now. I know I was on my daughter's first day. Happy/sad tears.

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Our schools start back after Labour Day.

We also have full-day kindergarten which is for 4 and 5 year olds. That started about 3 years ago.

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Our school starts here after Labor day too, but my new high school graduate was accepted as a volunteer for Americorp, and will start her training on Monday (Aug 20th). I think she's just as excited as a young one just starting Kindergarden! She will be working as a teacher's aide during the year, in a preschool class of 3 and 4 year olds, and will also be taking part in many other volunteer activities.

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Schools here start the day after Labor Day. It's fun to see them going off to school, esp the little ones, although the teenagers are always spiffed up, too. I always took my kids' picture on the first day, at least when they were little.

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dedtired, we always did that too!

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The kids here in town start school Friday...wonder why on a Friday?

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The kids here in north Mississippi started last Monday.
They go 180 days. All the schools in our county have AC.
The school buses do not have AC.

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My youngest grandson's birthday is in 2 days. He'll be 5 and he will start KG next week. I think I'm taking it harder than anybody else in the family. My baby. He has been accepted into the dual immersion program, which I had never heard of until someone from the school district called to ask my daughter if she would allow him to test for it. He tested well and from what I've read about the program, it's a good thing. But it scares me a little. I know he's smart as a whip (I know, EVERY grandma thinks their grandkids are smart), but I'm afraid he'll fall behind if a good portion of the class is taught in Spanish, when he doesn't know any Spanish. But "they" say that when "they" start them this young, the kids catch on real quick. I hope so. Maybe he can teach me, too.

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I taught kindergarten for 22 years and the first day of school was as unnerving for the teachers as it was for the kids! Well, maybe not as bad but I could never sleep the night before.

If anyone has a child who is anxious about leaving Mommy - a great story to read with them is The Kissing Hand. I think the author is Audrey Penn - at least Penn is the last name. After I retired, I would go back to do the Parent Breakfast (timed right after school started so that it would get the parents out of the classroom) and I would always read it to the parents. Tissues would always be passed around as grown men cried! Then we would do the Tooty Ta, an embarrasing song with motions, to lightened things up.

Now I am having to sit at home as my 3 year old Grandson goes off to Preschool for the first time on Friday. I would love to tag along to see how it goes but I won't interfer with DIL and DS's moment. He has never had to go to daycare or a sitters other than his Oma (DIL's mom) and Nana's (me).DIL has taken him to playgroups, kindermusic, gymnastics etc so he has been under someone else's directions but mom has always been in sight. Will see how it goes.

Just as bad was taking our son off to college. DH didn't talk to me 2/3rds of the way back. Each time I would try to say something, he would raise his hand as if to say "STOP." The first words out of his mouth when he could compose himself were, "It will never be the same!"
He was right.

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The trend now seems to be to hold kids back a year if they would be one of the younger kids in the class. My friend's grandson just turned 5 but they are not sending him to kindergarten for another year. He would be nearly the youngest in his class.

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I can understand that Dedtired. My grandson will be 6 in December and one of his classmates and a buddy from preschool just turned 5 this weekend. What a huge difference in their abilities with that much difference in their ages at this point in their lives.

Donna, we had dual immersion here too, though after my kids graduated. We taught kindergarten in 90% the foreign language, Spanish in this case. Then 1st grade was in 20% English; 2nd in 30% English; 3rd in 40% English and 4th in 50% English. I think it was 50% after that. Half the students came from homes where English was the spoken language, and the other half came from homes where Spanish was the spoken language. You have to have an even split that way. By the time they finished middle school, they were credited with having passed high school
Spanish. So when they entered high school, they took Advanced Placement Spanish for 3 or 4 years and received college credit from their universities if they earned a 5 on the end of year AP test. I attended an event at the elementary school and was so impressed by the 4th and 5th graders' language skills. It was a program that drew kids from all over the district, and I noticed a lot of teachers enrolled their kids in the dual immersion class.

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In the 60's I held my son back from Kindergarten and sent him when he was 6. He had a June birthday but I thought this would give him a head start. My daughter had a Feb birthday and was more than ready to go so she went at 5.

Now I read the trend is to hold boys back. I guess I was ahead of my time. Some are more ready than others.

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I started one boy and one girl a year late because of social maturity issues. It was a wise decision.

I know boys are often held out an extra year in a town near us just so that they will be bigger physically when they go out for high school sports.

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I had a habit (tradition) of taking my kids' picture on the first day of school just before they got on the bus. I still have all the photos. I stopped it when the younger one complained about me being at the bus stop. "I'm not a baby!"

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One time I waited for the school bus with my movie camera (yes, movies, not video) to take a movie of my youngest son getting off the bus from kindergarten. He gets off, gives me a dirty look and whacks me on my leg. I guess I embarrassed him. My parents also took movies of us leaving for school (we walked). I remember that we would have to go back and walk out the door over and over until Mom was happy with the shot. Of course my brother would be dancing around and making faces. My sister and I had to wear matching dresses for awhile. I looked okay but she was five years older and the dresses tended to be too childish for her. Oh, the things we do to our kids! All those movies are absolutely priceless now.

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