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schoolhouse_gwAugust 2, 2012

Is it my imagination or are there many more double posts than usual lately? Not only here but on other GW forums as well.

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In the ten years of being on GW , have never had a double post. But the last couple of weeks mine have done so. At first I thought the double posts were from those using their phones to access GW. But it appears there is something else awry. Someone had four duplicates show up to today in another forum.

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I've had a couple of my replies 'double up'. Can't figure why, and no, I don't have internet phone access.

Hope they get it sorted out soon.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It has happened to me many times recently I thought maybe it was something to do with my posting from my tablet but if it is happening that much to others also then maybe it is a bug in GW some where.

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It has happened to me and the only thing I can figure it out, is because some new features have been added, it might be the way we hit preview, then add/correct something, then hit preview again, and then send. Maybe a glich in that.

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It happens to me when I post from my Ipad, but not my laptop or desktop. Once I post and then hit the back button it will ask if I want to submit form again. Somtimes I forget and hit "yes" only to see that I have now posted twice. If I hit "Return to Kitchen Table Forum" then it does not ask the submit form question. I have had this happen on other sites as well and again only on my Ipad.

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