Basic Kindle owners, I can't turn mine off.

alisandeAugust 27, 2012

I've always been able to turn off my Kindle (basic model) by holding in the power button until the charge light flashes. But after charging the unit this morning I've been unable to turn it completely off. It either goes into sleep mode or pops right back on.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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What to Do If Kindle Is Frozen & Will Not Turn Off or On?

Charge the Battery
If the Kindle does not have enough battery power, it can freeze up. Plug the Kindle into a wall outlet and ensure the indicator light is on, which means the battery is charging. Allow the device to charge for a few minutes; then, attempt to navigate on the screen.

Soft Reset
If the Kindle is still unresponsive after being charged, it may need to be reset. Unplug the device from the wall charger. Move the power switch, and hold it for 15 seconds before releasing.

Hard Reset
If a soft reset is ineffective, you may try to reset the Kindle from the back. Charge the Kindle completely (about an hour). Unplug the device, and open the back. Locate the reset button, a small hole denoted by the word "Reset." Gently insert an unfolded paper clip into the hole, and hold it for 10 seconds. Restart the Kindle

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Thanks, Threejs. I tried the 15-second suggestion, but nothing changed. It's not frozen, so I'm reluctant to open up the back, etc. The Kindle Forum answered someone's question about how to turn it off, and they said the unit is not designed to be turned off routinely; it should be done only if it won't be used for a few days. I can go weeks without using mine, so I figured "off" is the way to go.

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Susan, I sometimes have on/off problems. Try turning it off while it is plugged in. I have never done the hard reset. If it doesn't shut off, just leave it for awhile. Try it both ways a couple of times. Wait awhile between attempts.

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Opening the back, unseating the battery, then putting it all back together will do it too. I've had to do that a few times. It's very frustrating. Just a warning though, I'm sure this void's any warranty that might still be in effect.

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This happened to DH's kindle. The hard reset takes about 20 seconds and works a charm.

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"the unit is not designed to be turned off routinely; it should be done only if it won't be used for a few days."

I turn my Kindle on and off many times a day. That should not be a problem.

I say, do a hard reset. As luckygardnr said the hard reset takes longer than 10 seconds. It feels, in fact, like a lifetime, LOL. Don't give up, hold that button even after your digit starts to cramp up. And if that doesn't work, I suggest you call Kindle CS.

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