Trying to ID this apple from my orchard

alisandeAugust 13, 2013

I posted at the Fruit & Orchard forum, but I have confidence in the expertise of the KT......

We must have planted this tree 35 years ago, but circumstances resulted in its neglect for a long time. It pretty much disappeared from our radar. We revived that part of the orchard a few years ago, but June freezes eliminated our apple crop across the board for the past few years.

Now we've discovered this amazing apple: redder than red, great flavor, and fully ripe in mid-August! This is way earlier than any of our other apples. They're a nice size, ranging from 2.5 to 3" across and 2 to 2.5" tall. The flesh is slightly whiter than it appears in this picture, I think, and tinged with red at the edges.

To me it tastes quite a bit like a Mac, perhaps slightly tarter, although I don't have a Mac for a direct comparison. My Macs are still small, and nowhere near ready.

Do you know of an apple that looks like this and ripens this early?


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It almost looks like an Arkansas Black. They are a deep red (that could have some green where not in direct sunlight) that deepens with storage. They are rather tart when first picked but the tartness goes away with storage.

We have a tree in our yard that produces these but we discourage fruit because it is still a young tree. They are delicious for straight out eating as well as cooking.

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I think I know what it is. One of our KT members (whose KT screen name I can't remember) suggested Jersey Mac, and I think that must be it, based on this description:

Jersey Mac

But thanks!

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It could also be a Winesap, my favorite. Sweet, tart, with tinges of red.

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I have a Winesap (I like them too!), but mine isn't ready yet.

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we have an apple tree but they're not fit for anything except the critters! I guess it's because we only have one tree?

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Definitely not a winesap, I am obsessed w that apple and can ID it easily and it is also one of if not the latest, ripening apple out there. They are usually avail the 1st week of Nov. and also have a flattened top-bottom. I've had them when I lived in Chicago and since then order online, yea I LOVE Winesap apples LOL. I was going to say Arkansas Black Spur too.

Many, many years ago when I lived in Chicago I got a catalog from a rare heritage fruit tree grower. Ever since then I am ALWAYS on the look out for certain fruits & trees (thou 99% don't grow in Zone 9B) I believe the grower was in AR. I just searched online and can't find the place :-/ Check apple charts for the look then ripening dates, that is mostly set in the genetic stonework of plants. Weather can alter ripening/fruiting dates a small amount but not significantly. ~ liz

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Don't mean to hijack the thread, but Bigfoot, where can I order winesaps? They are never available in our grocery stores or at farmer's markets around here. I have to make a 5-hour round trip to get them.

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It sounds like good eating apple. I wish I knew what it is. It does have a couple of distinctive characterestics: The flesh is tinged with red and it has a rather large core. I don't know where you live so can not judge buy ripening date. If you are north of the Mason-Dixon line, it would classed as a summer apple. If you are as far south as southern NC, you have a very special apple. A northern apple planted that far south will not bear fruit. A northern apple requires a certain lenght of winter (below freezing) temperature to trigger the bloom bud. After the blossom bud sees at least 6 weeks of freezing wearther, it will activate when the tree comes out of dormancy. Without the winter, that bud will just sit there, waiting.

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donna - I buy them to make a killer bourbon apple pie for Thanksgiving so I don't care if they get a bit bruised or the cost. I get the crate-bushel mass packed ones. I usually try to get friends & family to find them in Chicago or Indy area first & send them Priority Mail but it is always sooo close to Thanksgiving everyone is extra busy and that rarely works out. I only use them for baking, ocassionally I eat them raw if I have enough. ~ liz

Here is a link that might be useful: Buy Winesap's online

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My husband says it might be a Rome Beauty. He worked as a produce manager at Krogers.

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Thank you, Mary's husband. It certainly looks similar, but apparently the Rome Beauty ripens September-October.

So far Jersey Mac is the best bet, I think.

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Sounds like time for homemade applesauce.

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I'm with you, Glenda or.....send me one or more for a taste test.

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Absolutely, Glenda. I just brought some over for my grandson.

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