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debo_2006August 18, 2012

I'm not a big Facebook user, but like to keep up with postings from friends. My profile was coming up in the old format, until mid-day yesterday when I logged in, it's in the Timeline format now. It states that my Timeline will be visible to people beginning 8/24/12 and I now some time to change, make private (my old format was almost all private, before TL is visible. How can make it so that I don't get the Timeline permanently? I don't like it, didn't ask for it, and don't want it. Thanks.

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Same thing happened to me and I feel the same way that you do. But I didn't get any message or instructions and I didn't realize that privacy settings may be different. Guess I better go look at it.

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I think it is inevitable that everyone will eventually get switched to TL. It happened to me. I didn't want it either. You can go in and delete things you don't want to show up on it, I guess.

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I'm pretty sure you don't have a choice; Timeline is here to stay. I know how you feel, as just about everyone felt that way when the Timeline was first announced. But everyone I know who has had the Timeline for awhile now has gotten used to it and gotten over it. It's not a big deal; it's not any kind of a deal. It's just there. Soon you won't think about it.

The fun part is choosing (and changing) your cover picture. The not-so-much-fun part is the way FB ignores so many of our preferences. I've come to realize that some settings cannot be changed (and I'm not speaking only of Timeline)--even though FB lets us think they can.

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I guess we're at their mercy since its free, they're the boss and we can always choose not to belong if we have any issues with them.

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I choose not to belong mainly because I am not interested enough to learn it or put myself at risk. I had rather keep in touch by email or phone. It is so easy to trace you to your home by just posting pictures. On FB anything you type or anything your family types will be there forever. I don't want people to know if I live alone or with someone, I don't want them to know my work hours or when I won't be home or when I will be home.

My step daughter joined FB and she gave them my email and I started getting all kinds of mail from FB. The email she gave them was my master account for my server which I use for family and friends. She got an immediate email from me.

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On the very top blue bar of your FB page (the one that says Facebook), all the way to the right, you will see an arrow that points down. Click on the arrow and then click on Privacy Settings. Scroll down to Limit the Audience for Past Posts, then click on Manage Past Post Visibility. A window pops up and then click on Limit Old Posts.

I like to keep my page as private as possible. You should take the time to go through the Privacy Settings to be sure it is set the way you want it.

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"How can make it so that I don't get the Timeline permanently? "

You can't... it is the new look!
We'll be used to it in no time... and be complaining when it is changed for the latest and greatest.

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Thank you, Ded :)

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Thank you too, Ded. I saw it yesterday and was not pleased. I know most of that info is already out there, here and there, but to have it all in one place without my say-so is what I object to. I did verify my settings and now I know how to block someone, but wonder, will they find out?

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You're welcome. No, I don't think anyone you block gets a message about it. I have a couple Friends who post stupid things all the time so I "ignore" them -- in other words, their comments don't show up for me. Sometimes I wish I had never started with FB. You really do have to be cautious. Don't put anything on FB that you would not want to see on the front page of the newspaper (remember newspapers??).

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dedtired, thanks for the smile. (remember newspapers?)

I don't think any one I am acquainted with remembers them. I have often been asked "where do you get all that information?"

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If you google "time line removeer), you can download an add-on for Internet Explorer or Chrome (and maybe other browsers) that makes it so you don't see Timeline. Kind of like a pop-up blocker. You are blocking the java program that makes timeline.

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Thanks Dedtired and others, I appreciate it.

Strange thing is that many people who have been on FB for many years still don't have Timeline, I've noticed. I've only been on it for a year, and not very active, I now I have it. Wonder why some long time FB users still don't have it? Anyone else notice that?

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I resisted the Timeline until I was forced to switch. i got used to it and know I think it's fine. In fact, the old pages look out of style to me. It's fun to choose your background picture, although keep in mind that there is no way to make it private, so my advice is to keep it not too personal.

I always thought I would sit and read the newspaper and drink coffee every morning when I retired. Now I drink coffee and check different sites on my laptop. Oh well, if I've only learned one thing in life it's that nothing stays the same forever. Except love. Love never changes.

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Well said, Dedtired.

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Strangely, when I go to FB from a Bookmark, I get the old page. When I enter thru a link I get the Timeline.

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