Ticks are in the news again.......

alisandeAugust 14, 2014

Apparently a bite from the Lone Star tick (found in the south and east) can make a person dangerous allergic to red meat--and the allergy might not show up for hours after eating.

Ticks can cause allergy to red meat

I'm on doxycycline again after getting bitten by a deer tick last week--and I removed another embedded one this morning. :-(

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Oh, Susan! That is a whole lotta ticks you've removed from yourself. Have you ever considered moving into a less rural area? Though from what you've described, your home sounds most lovely and peaceful. I'm sorry you're dealing with this yet again. Are you a meat-eater?

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I eat chicken and fish + red meat only when I get a craving. So far, at least, I haven't found any Lone Star ticks here. If I do, that will probably end my cravings. :-)

I've been so good this year about wearing long pants tucked into socks + boots, even in hot weather. Even so, this is my 4th tick bite. The first two were larvae (they look just like ticks except they have fewer legs), so I lucked out there. Larvae are not infected.

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What do you "do" for your cats to fight against ticks?

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Sorry for your continuing tick trouble, it's unfortunate. Is there any way for you to reduce your exposure?

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In addition to being careful about what I wear, I've been better about keeping the grass cut short this year. (Ticks like taller vegetation.) I guess I'll have to start spraying myself. DEET isn't highly regarded as a tick deterrent, plus it carries its own risk. I bought an all-natural product but don't have a lot of confidence in it.

I read recently about using dry ice to make tick traps. I know dry ice attracts ticks because it emits carbon dioxide (I guess I emit quite a bit of it myself), but it doesn't seem to be sold around here. I'd like to try this, so I'll keep looking.

We thought about making tick tubes: cardboard tubes lined with permethrin-treated cotton balls. The idea is that mice (which infect the ticks) enter the tubes, brushing against the cotton. The permethrin kills the ticks attached to the mice. But the permethrin is poisonous to cats, so that's out.

I suppose I could just stay indoors. :-)

Nicole, the cats are treated with Frontline.

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alisande...thanks....I may use it on my cat.

Sorry to hear about "your" tick troubles. I didn't know about dry ice...interesting...

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FlamingO in AR

You need to get your hands on one of these little robots, Susan! It sounds really good, and it could only help. Maybe they'll be on the market one of these days.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tick-bot!

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I'll start saving my money now, Flamey--that looks like just what I need!

Oh, wait . . . I'm already saving for my school taxes. And dental work. And then there's the bill for that wood splitter I just bought. The ticks will have to get in line!

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Was just reading about the Lone Star tick. Very interesting. You are definitely a tick magnate. Maybe they make Frontline for humansâ¦â¦only kidding, of course.

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