Best way to remove wallpaper border?

bigackAugust 27, 2012

It's the wet and stick on type. DH is using hairdryer and spraying water on It, but it's a slow job. Any ideas?

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We used a wallpaper steamer after trying spray, fabric softener, scrapers, etc. The steamer worked like a charm with minimum effort, well worth the $50.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

A Paper Tiger scores the paper without damaging the wall, and will help with the water being absorbed. You might also try the wallpaper remover sprays, along with the Paper Tiger.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paper tiger and sprays.

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FlamingO in AR

I always peeled off the top layer- the vinyl part, and then used a wet sponge to loosen up the paper and glue. Then it came off really nicely. I've seen walls pricked with a million holes from those paper scoring tools, so I don't like to use them.

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A little fabric softener in the water helps a lot and smells much better than most wall paper remover. I also agree peel the vinyl off first if you can.

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I can attest to the liquid fabric softner! Worked like a charm on mine. It was a couple years ago, so I don't remember for sure, but I think I used it straight; poured it in a spray bottle. I don't remember diluting it.

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I have used a steam iron to remove wall paper AND to re-adhere it when it came loose.

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Sally Brownlee

I have also had success with using dishsoap and water in a spray bottle. Let it set 5 minutes or so before trying to scrape.

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I just used a spray bottle and plain water. Sprayed a long strip, let it set a few minutes and it peeled right off. Every ceiling in our house had some kind of border on it, so I guess I was lucky it came off so easily. After I got a wall peeled, I went back over it with a clean wet sponge to get the excess paste.

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I can agree with peeling off the top layer and using fabric softner/ great!

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Our home had wallpaper & wallpaper border in every room. In one room there was 3 layers of wallpaper. The paper tiger is good if you use it right, you have to have a light touch when doing it. I used water & white vinegar which worked just as good as the commercial stuff. Too many rooms to purchase the commercial stuff.

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Ugh, I just finished doing this in my LR and hallway. Peeled the top part of the paper off, then used water and dish washing liquid mixed in a spray bottle.

Sprayed an area then used a putty knife to scrape it off. I even had one wall that had a second, older border underneath. Must have put it up, then found another one I liked better. lol It came off easily, but what a huge pain. Have one small bedroom to do yet, but it's on the wall not the ceiling.

Never, ever again will I put up wallpaper or border.

Stick a fork in my eye!!

Just got the coat of primer on the ceiling today to repaint.

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Be very careful with a paper tiger! I totally destroyed a drywall covered wall with one.

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