Skunk got dog, dog got me!

cheryl_okAugust 3, 2012

My dog got sprayed by my porch this morning, he jumped on the porch and rubbed on me. I went to shower and now my house reeks of skunk.

Any ideas on how to rid of the smell? It is only in the air, as I didn't touch anything on my way to shower.

I smell it every where, DH says it is stronger in the house then on the dog.

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Mix downy fabric softener with water and rinse the dog with it. Then I would try spraying it in the air. I don't know the ratios of downy/water. When it happened to my dog, it was 3am. I got a wash cloth wet and poured some downy on it and rubbed the dog down. IT WORKED! I didn't let her in the house when I caught the first whiff, and you had to really bury your nose in her fur to smell skunk.

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cheryl..i bet the smell is in the drains where you showered..wonder if you poured some downey or baking soda down the drain it might help? and what did you do with the clothes you had on? can you soak them outside? and of course with the ac on, that spread the smell...change the air filter...

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I would change the air filter on the A/C.

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No advice, just condolences. It must be terrible to smell skunk in the house.

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The smell is probably still on you and the pup. This formula works! Trust me, I live with two hunting dogs that run wild on the prairie nearly daily, often a couple miles out from us. I could tell you tales about the skunks Harry has "met."

You may also need to wash the shower, drain, and towels with it. You will need to wash, or replace, the dog's collar, too. They hold skunk odor for-ev-er.

DeSkunk Formula...Easy, Effective, Low Cost

1 quart (32 oz.) hydrogen peroxide
1 quart warm water
3 tablespoons of original Dawn Dish soap (DAWN is best; it breaks down oil; skunk scent is oily.)
1/2 box of baking soda

Mix all these ingredients in a small pail. Work the solution into the dog's hair and let it stand for 15-20 minutes. Use a rag and keep patting the solution into the hair to get it thoroughly soaked. Keep sponging him with the solution while you're timing it. Don't get it in his eyes or mouth.

Concentrate on the part of the dog that was actually sprayed.

Rinse the dog very well with clear water and towel dry. Repeat if necessary, depending on how much spray actually got on him. Use old towels to dry him. The peroxide will lighten his hair, especially if he's in the sun a lot.

This solution works very effectively. We've used it many times on Harry! He was able to come in the house right after being washed and dried off.

When I tell people my dog has been "skunked" they usually tell me to "bathe him in tomato juice." I've asked several people if they have actually bathed a skunked dog in tomato juice, and did it remove the odor? The answers have always been, "No; but I've heard it's good." I've also asked folks if they know anyone that has successfully removed skunk odor with tomato juice. I get more, "No, not personally." If you ever hear of a real, live, tomato-cleaned dog, let me know!

We keep a several "skunk kits" made up. We store two 16-ounce bottles of peroxide, a small bottle of Dawn, old cleaning rags, and a box of baking soda in a 2 and 1/2 gallon water jug that's had the top removed. Open the ingredients, pour them in the jug, add a quart of water and you're in business! Wes keeps one kit in the truck during the warm months.

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Carolina is absolutely right. Altho we use a no-tears shampoo instead of the Dawn.

Do not use anything else before you use this. It's a chemical thing, you are neutralizing the chemicals in the skunk spray.

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I heard Tomato Juice is not good for de-skunking.

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when our dog got sprayed a few years ago, I had a terrible time getting the odor out of the house. Someone told me to burn candles and I put several in every room and it really helped. I don't know why it did, but it did. Not much fun. I'm glad to ehar about the downy

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I've always heard you should put some bowls of vinegar around the house. It absorbs the smells. So sorry you're going through this.

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Caroline's formula definitely works, although you can substitute vinegar for the peroxide. My dog got skunked twice in 12 days, and this formula saved the day!

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I had that happen to me at midnight once! She ran all through the house then jumped on my bed and rolled around. My husband was in the bed, asleep, at the time. We had to bathe her, strip the bed, and me shower, as well as spray down the house. There was a closet near the doorway where she ran in and it smelled when you opened it for about 2 months!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yep the peroxide method seems to be the best. We had this happen and 2 of our Great Danes got skunked then ran into the house! WE tried the tomato juice at the time and nope it did not do much, also tried the citrus juices not much help either.

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Thanks everyone.
I have candles burning, air fresheners hanging and will do carolines formula...never gave the drain a thought as to it smelling, makes sense that it would.
Dog hates the bath idea, he did go swimming in the pond a few times. Next time he comes up wet, I will use a fabric sheet. I don't have downy but will try what I have.
Great advice as usual!
Still stinking in OK! LOL

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Many years ago, tried the tomato juice remedy,,,if it helped, it wasn't much. A lady I worked with said that she used tomato juice on her westie. It resulted in a pink dog.

My daughter's beagle got skunked and ran into the house through the doggie door and rubbed itself all over the family room carpeting. The remedy Caroline suggested worked well on the dog, but the carpeting was another matter. Professional cleaning and all sorts of deoderizing sprays did little to diminish the smell. Then they tried the bowls of vinegar placed around the room in several places. That seemed to work, but it took a couple weeks.

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And get a couple of bags of charcoal, plain, not self lighting. Open them up and leave them out so the charcoal can absorb the odor in the air. sorry you both got skunked!

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FlamingO in AR

We've used that peroxide formula to spray down the area outside where the skunk sprayed, it works great. So you could and should use it in the house, too, like in the drains.

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Sorry Cheryl, I hope it comes out. I posted that recipe on the Just Pets page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Just Pets

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Caroline, I have to say the tomato juice does work. Just did one of the dogs 10 days ago. I can't use the peroxide formula because the bigger dog (over 100 lbs with 3 coats of white hair)will not stay still for 5 min. I know he would not just stay there for 15-20 min. I use the tomato juice full strength rub it in leave it on for as long as I can then wash that off & give them a bath with dog shampoo. My 2 dogs just love the black & white cat also known as Mr Skunk. The big on has been hit 9 times & the smaller one 6 times. Good luck to anyone who has to clean a dog.

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Things are much better now, DH says it is now I that stinks! LOL
I did find a major problem, I was so concerned about my clothes...I forgot the towels from my shower! Go figure!
We have no carpet, I'm expecting tomorrow to be a much fresher day!

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