Michigan Peaches

juellie1962August 7, 2012

My mom used to can & freeze everything. Sadly, I didn't get that gene. Until now, after she's passed away. She always said Michigan peaches were the best (around WI anyway). And I thought she always said they weren't ready till late July....have I missed them?? I have no clue where she used to buy them buy the case either. All I see in the grocery store is California peaches. (not knocking those, just want to try & get as close to mom's as I can).

Any clues??

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Don't know about the time in Michigan, but I just took a peach cobbler out of the oven--made with our fresh Jersey Peaches (which, of course, I think are the best!) Actually I think that being local is what makes produce 'the best'--it's always better when it's grown locally, ripened on the plant/vine/tree, and hasn't been stored for long periods of time. So we all think ours are 'best' because they are better than the supermarket stuff.

I really don't think you've missed the season. Tree fruits take a while to grow and ripen on the tree. Get out to your local farm markets and see, but I think you'll find you'll be able to pick up what you need now, or soon.

Have fun! I was just thinking this morning about how my mom and I would spend a morning prepping baskets of peaches for freezing--then we'd have them most of the winter. Haven't done that in a while. Now that I live in the country, and have a great fruit orchard just around the block, maybe I'll get back to it.

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Here in Pa. we think peaches from Chambersburg, MD are the best....Just got some yesterday and Oh MY, they are good.....

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South Carolina peaches are our favorites and I don't remember what kind they are but some of their best ripen in August. We did have a market basket full of earlier peaches, brought by our new GSIL, and they were great. I understand the weather got a lot of the Michigan peaches this year.

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Jude31, we like those SC peaches too. They grow some white ones that are ripe in August that are even better than the peachy-peaches.

Azzalea, I've often heard that fruits and vegetables grown in NJ are the best. And it is called the Garden State, after all. It must be the soil. Sadly, I've never seen produce of any kind from NJ in our stores. Wonder why?

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Michigan peaches should be out by now because in Southern Ontario we have had peaches for more than a month. Nothing better than an Ontario peach. Although 40 percent of the peach crop was damaged this year do to bad weather peaches are smaller but really good. I am on my 4th basket now, can never get enough peaches.

I had a friend visit from Georgia last week and she loved our peaches LOL


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According to my Michigan peach vendor at our Farmer's Market, the peach crop this year is very meager because of the 'hot' weather in Feb/Mar which was followed by prolonged frost. WI was hit, too. What little crop there has been is already done.

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Well of course, Colorado peaches are the best! LOL! Missouri ones are pretty tasty too.

Hope you can find your favorite peach!

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I'm in New York (Long Island) and the apple and peach farm near me just put the sign out for peaches. Will get there today after my doctor apointment. My own crop (I have an Elberta freestone peach tree) got eaten up by the squirrels! They got my cherries too!

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jmc01, is right...same for our cherry crop. the cherry festival had to import from wa state...i don't know how we have any corn either...lay you odds our wine grapes were damaged too..just when we were getting medals from international tastings, sigh...

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