How to land a good job

lazypupAugust 7, 2012

Todays trivia quize has a question about how to land a good job and that reminded me of a young man I met in 1974.

I was working a management position for a very large electronics manufacturer and one Monday morning all the managers were in a staff meeting. The staff meeting ended about 9:40 and as we were leaving the conference room the personel manager says,,,,"Oh Goodie, I have time to get down to the front desk before the dummie shows up."

The plant manager says "What dummie?"

The personel manager says, "We have a dummie who shows up every Monday morning promptly at 10am and asks for an application, when we give it to him he puts it in his file folder, then takes out one that is already filled out and hands it back to the girl at the desk. He then thanks her and he turns and leaves, he has been doing that every week for about 7 or 8 weeks and all the girls up front get a laugh out of it."

The plant manager says, "Let me get a look at this guy" so off they went to the front desk, and you can be sure, curiosity got the best of me, so I went along too.

Now there we were standing in the office sipping a cup of coffee and shooting the bull when all of the sudden someone ways "here he comes" and as we looked at the clock it was dead on 10am when a nice looking young man wearing a nylon windbreaker, sport shirt, dress slacks and leather shoes stepped up to the window and asked the receptionist for an application. Anticipating his arrival she already had one on her desk, which she handed him, and he politely returned one that was already filled out".

As he turned to leave the Plant manager shouted across the room, "Stop that man and hire him immediately!"

The personel manager turned to the plant manager and says "Hire him for what? We have no openings"

The plant manager says "you put him on payrole then send him up to me for his interview, That is the only SOB in this plant that faithfully shows up on time when he is expected, and he don't even work here. Well, you can be sure things are gonna change."

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I had a friend who got a job like that. She didn't really fit the image of her employer, but the employer got a hard worker when they hired her.

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That's pretty much how my DH got hired at Ford. He showed up every week and the guy handing out applications recognized him, and let only him in the door. He was hired that day.

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That was the good old days. Doesn't seem that's how it is done these days at least not where I work. I think we'd get a better employee if we did it a bit more like that.

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I was gonna opine that I wasn't really lookin' for a job!

o j

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I just got an email from my college that they are changing their conmputer system and if I want them to keep my grades on file any longer, they want me to pay them $10. Hey, I graduated in 1974 and I'm retired with a pension. I don' think I'll be applying for any jobs that require a college degree! My current job is of the volunteer type!

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I applied every day until I got hired. It took a year though. Now I've been at my job for almost nine years. I just knew I wanted to be there. I loved the way they treated me when I was on the receiving end of their services. Persistence will pay off, eventually. Don't give up!

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