The power of Craigslist

sleeperbluesAugust 31, 2012

DS is down in Madison for school. His mode of transportation is DH's old Motobecane bike, which is actually, apparently, a classic. DH refurbished the whole thing, and it's a really cool older bike. Well, DS got it stolen on Wednesday when he came home from band practice. Locked in front of his house. He was really bummed, because this is the week the UW band does vigorous practices/tryouts for the start of the football season, and there was lots of riding back and forth to the practice field. DH posted an ad on Craigslist, and a kid found the bike and returned it! The rear brakes were gone, and the pedals and seat were swapped for inferior ones. At least they were replaced, lol. I suppose the kid who returned it could have stolen it in the first place, but DH spoke with him at length and he didn't think so. In any event, he got the bike back, a little worse for wear but he said he actually liked the new pedals better, lol.

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That's GREAT news! Now, he needs to invest a few dollars and get his i.d. engraved on it somewhere and an alarm for it.

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