Memorize your mother's phone number!

joann23456August 10, 2012

I represented a young man yesterday who had failed to appear for a court hearing in a criminal case. As is common, the judge set a nominal bail - $100 - to assure he'd show up the next time. The defendant is allowed to make a phone call right after bail is set, and when a bail is that low, a family member usually brings the bail immediately and the defendant is released.

Yesterday, though, my client didn't know the phone number of anyone he could call. They're all in his cell phone, which was ... somewhere. (Cell phones aren't allowed in court, at least where I practice.) And, as is so common now, all his contacts used cell phones, so they're not listed in a directory.

It was awful - he could sit in jail for a month because he doesn't know his mother's phone number. I wonder how many young people would have the same problem? Made me come home and make Chloe repeat our numbers. She's known them since she was four, but even so!

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I can see how that would be a problem nowadays with cell phones. I know my daughter's phone number and my best friend's and my husband's....but everyone in my phone.

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"I never leave home without it."

Anywhere I go I have my fanny pack with me and those numbers are always in it.

Good reminder to others!


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It drives me crazy that my DH can remember who is who for speed dialing, but doesn't know their actual NUMBER. I prefer to actually DIAL.

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I don't memorize the numbers but have them in my Medical Emergency packet in my purse at all times. A copy of the packet is on the fridge and another copy is always in the glove box of both of our cars.

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My mother who is 83 has all of her children on speed dial and does not know our phone numbers. I made her write down my number beside her phone and had her write down our phone numbers and put them in her wallet in case of emergency and she needs one of us when she isn't at home.

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I was screwed last year when we lost power and all my numbers vanished. I didn't have my daughter's work number on my cell so had to call my son who was vacationing in NC to call his sister five miles from me so I could ask her to get her husband to rent me a generator to save my koi pond. I don't even know my OWN cell phone number.

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I have every family member's number memorized. Even the 2 sisters in law I dislike. Once I was visiting my Mother and asked to use her phone to call my sister (her daughter). Mom didn't know the number offhand, she said to look it up in the book. How about that? She never called anywone-she waited for them to call her! Of course Mom was never arrested.

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