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jel48August 21, 2013

What do you drink?

I love coffee. I can do without it, but I do enjoy it.

But, it keeps me awake if I drink too much caffeine or if I drink it too late in the day. Plus it makes me jittery. So, for years, I have mixed my regular and decaf, during the weekdays using maybe only 1/4 or less regular and the rest decaf.

Now, it seems, it has started bothering my stomach something awful. If I drink it more than once or twice a week, and more than one or two cups, I wake up early in the morning with my stomach very upset. Limiting the coffee controls it. So, I did some research. The two suggestions I found were that 1) Dark roast is easier on the stomach than light roast, due to the process that is used, and 2) cold brew is easier than hot brew.

So, I've bought some dark roast. Haven't tried the cold brew yet.

I think the dark roast tastes like it's been sitting in the pot for a day and a half. I love the lighter roast, but the dark is better than nothing.

What do you drink? What are your experiences with the tummy upset aspect?

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Love our morning coffee, at home. The odd time if we're out, we'll buy a MacDonald's coffee. MacDonald's coffee is good, cheaper, and their sizes are larger than the highly popular chain Tim Horton's.

I'm trying to cut out tea in the evening, much as I love it after my dinner. I always get to sleep, but sometimes have trouble staying asleep thru the nite, and I'll lie there wide awake. I blame the tea, but it could be other things going on, as well.

Stomach problems aren't an issue.

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I love coffee too. Lately I've been drinking one from Trader Joe's which seems easy on the stomach (New Mexico Pinon coffee). I limit myself to 2 cups a day. Practically the first thing I do in the morning is make the coffee.

Hope you can compromise between tummy trouble and find a coffee which works for you, Jel. You can always dilute dark roast a bit with hot water or milk. Maybe don't drink on an empty stomach.

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I think I have been drinking coffee for so long it would be hard to start the day without it, Hubs says I have a little coffee with my cream and sugar. I remember several years back we were in Cancun at a McDonalds for breakfast and oh my..... the coffee was so strong I had to ask for another cup so I could pour half a cup of coffee and fill the rest up with hot water. We drink Folgers Classic Roast but have been known to drink a cup of instant Maxwell House when visiting my mom. No tummy issues here.

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Well I love coffee..and I am picky...McDonalds uses a "local" roaster here...which I don't like..so I don't buy coffee from there.(Seattle's Best)

I will link to the place I buy my coffee...I'm not saying buy it from here...(but it is the best in my area)...but their site explains why coffee can bother some stomaches..

I find what they say to be pretty true..tried switching to a girl that roasts locally and uses organic beans...but by the second cup..my gut was burning..

I can drink the Camano all day if I like..with no ill affects.

I do choose dark roast..my favorite is Brazil.

So grab a cup and enjoy their well put together website..filled to the brim with information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camano Island Coffee

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Jel, you've expressed my problems with coffee exactly. I used to drink lots of coffee with no problem, but the jitters, the terrible heartburn, and the flavors started to get to me a few years ago.

My solution has worked like a charm.......and so simple, too! I stopped drinking coffee, lol. Oh, I experimented with different things, but nothing worked, especially to kill the heartburn.
I can't even drink tea, anymore, unless it's cold brewed and much diluted.

I tried a couple of coffee 'substitutes ' but most were vile. THEN, I found out that Postum is back! Love that stuff, so perfect on a chilly morning.

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I use those tubes of decaf. one tube in a cup with sweet and lows and boiling water and tasts really good. most major brands now have them on the shelf

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I love coffee, can't start my morning without it and I sometimes drink it all day. I usually by Starbucks, Seattle's Best, or Caribou and always dark roast. I do notice as I get older I can't stand it as strong as I used to. But then I switched from drinking it with cream and sugar to black.

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DH likes coffee more than I do. I make three cups every morning. He drinks two-plus cups with cream and sweetening and I drink a cup that is half milk with some cream. We drink tea while watching a DVD in the late afternoon -- our "Teatime Matinee". (Tea has caffeine too, you know, and 'de-caf' doesn't mean NO-caf.)

The biggest consumer of coffee I've known developed cancer of the esophagus as a Senior. Most recent news on coffee says not to drink more than four cups a day.

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I drink two or three cups a day. Never had a problem. I like McDonalds, Tim Hortons,Dunkin donuts, but my favorite is whatever blend my local diner serves. I've gotten 'jittery" occasionally but my stomach seems to like any coffee I drink.

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I drink one cup of instant coffee in the morning. I used to drink coffee all day, but about 5 years ago, I lost the taste for it, and one cup does it for me these days.

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I am a non-coffee drinker and I am married to a non-coffee drinker!

Water, hot tea and ice tea are our preferred drinks.

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I dislike coffee, so I never drink it, hot tea or iced tea, milk and water usually are my drinks.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I come from a long line of coffee drinkers and not just any coffee the strong dark roast Louisiana coffee specifically Community brand. I never drank coffee till I had a starbucks mocha frappachino I was in love. So now I have my own home made version, I use the Community dark roast my husband makes, he leaves out a glass of it to cool for me. I fill my coffee glass with crushed ice, my sugar free chocolate stuff, and the cooled coffee. It is wonderful. I also very much like the International delight chocolate caramel creamer.
I only drink one a day but I do usually do it every day.
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Sauce OMG good! They have tons of flavors.

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Not sure if they have it anymore, but years ago when the acid in coffee was bothering me, I used KAVA.... from the health food store.

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I only drink a small cup of coffee in the morning. I drink vanilla coke, that is my drink of the day.

Hubby is the coffee drinker he has at least 6-8 cups a day. We use Hawaiian coffee that I get sent from Hawaii. He drinks it light & very sweet.

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Also, I think coffee is an excuse to consume cream (half n half) and sugar. that's why I enjoy my 3 cups a day! I've tried my coffee black and hate it!

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I NEED my coffee in the morning. I have a basic Mr. Coffee maker, so I get it set up the night before. First thing I do in the morning is turn the coffee pot on. I usually drink 2 cups before work.

On Monday's, I'll stop at Starbucks on my way to work and get a tall sugar free hazelnut latte with half the syrup. I like to taste the coffee. On Friday's I'll stop and get a vente (super tall) same syrup, with an extra shot. It usually takes me all day to drink it.

Can't drink coffee in the afternoon, or I'll be up till 2 am...and I'm usually up by 4, even on the weekends. On weekends, I make my OWN latte. MMMMMMMMMMMMM
No tummy troubles or heartburn, but if I drink that vente too fast, yeah, I get the jitters bad, and I can't shut up! LoL

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I buy Starbucks whole bean espresso and grind my own whenever I want to make a cup of it. I make a non-fat latte every morning after breakfast and again about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I know this doesn't make sense, but it is what happened. Many years ago, I decided to switch to decaf coffee - big mistake. The decaf gave me severed stomach aches and nausea. I switched back to regular coffee and have not experienced that problem again.

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Im LDS so coffee isnt part of my diet but it sure smells good! i drink a lot of water. cold. my favorite drink!

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Linda and other latte makers, how do you make the latte? Is the milk steamed or just heated? I like lattes but have never made one at home. I think the Starbucks lattes are mostly milk so it's a chance to get in a little extra calcium with only a small dose of caffeine.

So how do you make those lattes?

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I have had and used a low-end home expresso machine to make my own lattes. The original machine was a wedding gift Mr Coffee, which never did a good job of steaming and frothing the milk, and which didn't do a great job on the expresso unless the coffee was ground fine enough (but not too fine).

I subsequently switched to a Krups pump expresso which seemed to do a better job of steaming/frothing the milk, but sometimes seemed to impart a plastic-y flavor to the coffee, and which eventually blew a gasket.

I have gone back to using the original machine, but have switched to either Cafe Pilon or Cafe Bustello pre-ground expresso instead of using my not-very-good conical burr grinder, and never even try to use the streamer nozzle to try to froth the milk. In the summer I have been mixing the expresso with cold 2% milk, to make a room-temp latte, but in the colder months I would microwave the milk for 35 seconds, and then froth it with a aerolatte battery-powered hand held whip.

The end result is not quite as good as at a good coffee shop, but it is IMHO better than the latte at the coffee shop in the building I work in, and better than the Starbucks a block down the road.

I have recently bought another similar cheapo expresso machine for work, and once figured out that the per-cup price was about $0.66. Much better than price in the shop downstairs of about $4.00!

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If coffee gives you stomach problems, there are several "low acid" coffees on the market you could try. Walmart carries the "Puroast" brand, for one.

Steeping coffee grounds in cold water overnight is also supposed to result in a much lower acid brew than using hot water.

As for my home, the local McDonald's uses Don Francisco's and it has become our favorite coffee brand.

We mix half 1/2 Decaf Columbian and 1/2 Columbian Supremo for the morning, but just use the decaf after noon. They make a French Roast and some flavored varieties too.

Smart'N'Final has the lowest local everyday price on the DF's, and when it's on sale there we stock up.

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My espresso maker is a Mr. Coffee brand. It was a gift, but the first one I had, I bought at a thrift store, and it worked just fine. I steam the milk.

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Have several cups through the day (I'm often at home all day - though folks who try to phone say that they can never get me: spend a lot of time in the garden).

Use regular old Max Hse, friend gave me a one-cup maker, and I put in a small plastic spoonful of grounds, then add another spoonful for a later cup and do that about 4 - 5 times before there's so much in there that when there's a blow-off with the steam blast as the last of the water is used and it turns itself off, it blasts some of it out into the water reservoir.

Sometimes I put a plastic spoonful of grounds into a mug, then add boiling water, give it about 45 secs. in the microwave, then pour it through a permanent filter that I got in a 4-cup machine whose carafe I broke within a couple of weeks when I turned the heater on too soon, before there was liquid in it.

Like a (non-plastic) teaspoon of sugar and a fairly liberal shot of half and half (10%) cream.

Seem to be able to drink it whenever I choose without reper-cussins from the stomach, or with sleeplessness when I go to bed.

All in all ... it appears that I can pretty well deal with the situation in whatever manner suits me.

Oh, joy ...

... says ole joyful

P. S. Seldom buy it away from home ... and hardly ever at expensive Starbucks ...

... whose $9.00 shares a few years ago went to $40.00+.

o j

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I like coffee with flavoring added to it. I don't drink it every day, plus with all those extra sweeteners its fattening!
I usually drink homemade sweet tea throughout the day.

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i don't drink coffee, but dh does...he gets brewed coffee at work and has about quarter cup of coffee the rest hot water....he starts out the day at home with green tea...

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I am on my 3rd Krups espresso maker with a Mr. Coffee in between. I steam the milk for my lattes. I started making my own in 1992, 21 years ago.

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I love coffee and prefer dark roasts. DH likes a blend, so we blend a dark and a medium roast from Trader Joe's. We use a Cuisinart that grinds the beans just before brewing the coffee. I usually drink about 2 cups daily; DH drinks about 3. We usually drink it with just half & half. I love mine with sugar and I also love the flavored syrups. I decided to cut back on sugar, though, so I generally don't use either. I also love flavored lattes, but only buy those as a treat. I also love iced coffee with half & half. I seldom drink anything with caffeine after mid-afternoon.

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Wish I could drink it. In my whole life, I have never drank even one cup of coffee. I think it tastes horrible.

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I buy whole beans(a Mocha/Java mix) and grind at home. Anything else tastes either weak or too bitter to me.
When we travel, I carry my beans and a travel grinder to use in hotel coffee makers.

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Melitta makes "Classic Lite" -- it has much less acidity and caffeine than regular coffee, and I find the taste pleasant:

Here is a link that might be useful: Melitta -- Classic Lite

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