susie53_gwAugust 10, 2012

I was in our local Menards and came upon the Portable Serving Bar you had told us about. It was on clearance for

$5.00. I'm going to give it to our daughter. Her family has a big pool and deck area. They are always having people over. I know she will love it. I am thinking I may go back and get me one.

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I wish we had a Menards! My daughter was just saying this weekend that she'd like to have one of those cooler/servers. Like your daughter, she has a big deck (on a lake) and is always having people over. I guess I'll order another from Amazon. Thanks for the tip!

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How much were they on Amazon? I could pick up one and send it to you. Let me know..

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Susie, thanks for your kind offer, but they don't cost much on Amazon. $12 or so, I think. Wouldn't be worth the cost of shipping.

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