need birthday gift ideas quick!

Sally BrownleeAugust 14, 2013

My sisters and I are getting together with Mom today for lunch. (and then going to QVC employee store - YAY!)

Her birthday is Saturday, so we are getting a cake and we all were supposed to be getting a small gift.

I forgot....and now I have exactly 4 hours.

She will be 78. She is still pretty active, diabetic,and really doesnt need anything.

Her and Dad, along with another couple are heading to Branson for 2 weeks soon. (driving)

My shopping options are very limited between now and 12:30....CVS, grocery store, convenience store and car parts store !

any ideas???

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A gift certificate to a nice restaurant.

Do you have a florist in town? Flowers would be nice, too.

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Gas card?

A travel survival basket? Drinks, fruit, granola bars that diabetics can have. Scatter some pretty foil wrapped candies through out. Cute napkins. Hand sanitizer. Hand lotion. Pretty smelling body mists for cooling down. Travel size toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash. Mints. Gum. Crossword puzzle book.

Oh you could put all sorts of cute little travel size things in it.

Good luck. If you can, let us know what you decide to get.

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I second katlan. You can get all kinds of gift cards in CVS and supermarkets.

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I like katlin's travel basket! dh is always stopping for gas and buying $$ cola...

don't know if it's as good as the night we went, but red lobser in branson is always nice for gc...

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I like the travel basket idea. Just look around the auto area at CVS, bet you'll see something that would come in handy for the trip.

Have they been to Branson before? Fun place.. I've been there a bunch of times! Tell them to go to the College of The Ozarks for a day... it's free with lovely grounds and lots of interesting things to see. There's a big museum there too which has a minimal fee but it is very nice, they'd enjoy it! We took my parents there a couple years ago and it was their favorite part of the trip.

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I think the travel basket would be perfect. Nice, thoughtful things that she really can use, and all of them will USE UP. My house is full of "things" that I hate to get rid of because they were gifts from people I care about, but these days I don't need any more "things". I remember my mother saying the same thing when she got older.

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Dollar Tree is filled with great stuff to give to a person who has everything.

I bought a number of items there for my friend, who just turned 85 and she loved everything.

Just takes time walking around and looking but before you know it you have got a great one buck gifts.

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Can you get in touch with a nice restaurant in Branson and make reservations for a nice meal and tell them that you will pay for it? That would be nice along with the travel package.

Although some people are fans of gift cards, I am not. Frankly I don't think they show much imagination and maybe I don't shop at that store. It puts more of a burden on me when I get a gift card to a specific store, As I have to keep track of the card, have to find something there I like, and just remember that I have it to use. I am not suggesting that it's not generous and that it's not a good gift for some people. I just choose not to use them and don't really like getting them. Of course, I am appreciative of any gift that anyone get me and I am grateful for their gift, but gift cards just don't do it for me. To me, it just seems as though the giver didn't care to put any more thought into it and took an easy way out. Call me crazy.

Put a little more thought into it for some creativity, and I would expect that would be much more appreciated. Can you set it up with your father ahead of time, so that you have some idea of your plans in Branson and when they would be available for an extra special dinner at an extra special restaurant?

Of course, by the time you read this, it will be too late. I was hoping that you could at least tell her that you would be giving her that special dinner and then make specific arrangements later. Sorry that I am reading this too late.

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Sally Brownlee

Well, I got her a bunch of travel size things to use in the car. Hand lotion, nail file, clipper, nail,polisher, lip balm, and some single serve cashew packs.

Suzieque, I love your idea....I might get together with my other sisters and pay for a night out on their vacation. What a great surprise that would be.

One time they went to London for an anniversary and I had flowers delivered to their room before they got there....that was fun.

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I think what is so great is sending those baskets and they put it in their room with lots of goodies while there and they will use there and enjoy.

When I went to Hawaii, there was a beautiful basket in the room with tons of lovely fruit that you eat there and all sorts of other goodies, enjoyed those immensely.

Is there any shows you know they would like to see and go too, could chip in for tickets.

Yes, chipping in for a night is wonderful.

I don't see anything wrong with gas cards due to you can't plan that ahead and pay for and with price of gas that is wonderful gift to give.

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