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azzaleaAugust 10, 2012

Well, a sports question anyway.

Re: woman's field hockey.

Just curious.

I know a fair portion of the woman's field hockey team is from my area of the country.

How popular is woman's field hockey where you live? I recall hearing years ago, that it's sort of a local thing (I live in the Philadelphia megalopolis), and that in other areas of the country it's often a men's sport.

Around here, every high school has a woman's hockey team. It's THE big sport for women--like football is for men. It's extremely rough, extremely hard-played, very intense. Up there with football in the injury dept. because the girls are wicked playing it. AND (take a look at the US woman's team) it's always played in skirts--that's a conference rule.

So, I was just wondering if your high schools have field hockey, is it a woman's or men's sport, and how popular is it?

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I'm near Boston. It's pretty popular here, though maybe not so much as you've described.

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I've lived all over the country and find field hockey is an East Coast thing.

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I'm in the MI U.P. and I've never seen field hockey (women's or men's) played here, or even mentioned.

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Oh, and forgot to mention--I'm in my 60's now--and field hockey was huge (and old, well-established) even when I was in school in the 1960's.

It's as hard, for me, to imagine high schools without woman's field hockey, as it would be to think of schools getting rid of football.

They were just commenting on the TV coverage about the push to get US girls familiar with and into field hockey--so guess that does sort of answer my question, too--that it's not well-known in other areas. But would still like to hear who does and who doesn't have it in their areas.

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I had never heard of field hockey when I was in high school in CA in the early 70s. But my stepdaughter in NJ (early 80s) was one of the "wicked", and wickedly good, field hockey players.

I recall several medical bills for skull X-rays, LOL.

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That Olympic championship game was fantastic! We watched that, even though I've never been around field hockey, or even watched it much. That save by the U.S. goaly near the end was amazing!

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I have lived in many states and have not noticed it. Daughters did not play it in Md or NC schools.(Or Ca or in Europe.)

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Sally Brownlee

I live in Lancaster county...not so far from Philly. And yes..womens field hockey is huge. Both HS and collegiate.
Millersville U puts outstanding teams together year after year. I was lucky enough in the 80's to travel with the team to watch them play in the National championship game at Ryder (NJ)
A good friend of mine has twins that played on scholarship for Alvernia...wonderful, ladylike girls off the field, but ferocious duo on. They graduated this fall...one went to the Army with an RN degree, the other a business degree.

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I live in Maryland where it is pretty popular. I lived in Ohio in high school (1959 +) and we had it for physical education...hated it!!!

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Here in SW. Pa., it's fairly popular as well....One of my grandson had been a student at our local Catholic High School and they had a girl's team...Being a very small school, last year, they didn't have enough to field the team and opened it up to fellows...The one rule, the fellows had to wear the same uniform which consisted of skirts....My grandson and 4 of his friends made the team and they certainly did look cute in their little skirts...They were mentioned on national TV and and U.S.A Today did a story on them titled, "5 Guys is Not Just for Hamburgers"...(For those who don't know, around here, 5 Guys is a popular hamburger joint)....

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Oh, Sunny--when DD was in high school (she's 31), there was a fellow who wanted to play field hockey in the worst way. He even offered to wear 'the skirt' (back in those days, a plaid, pleated affair in the school colors). But the conference wouldn't allow it. Shame--he really wanted to play.

So guess it's no surprise that so many of our US team are from the East Coast.

We always had field hockey in gym--it's a tough sport.

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Midwest - and there is none that I know of. Volleyball and basketball are the big sports here. Iowa LOVES its girls basketball.

Soccer is starting to become very popular also.

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I had not heard of it in CA and haven't heard in Iowa either. As Iowagirl said, womens basketball is BIG in Iowa but so is men's.

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No hockey here... football is the BIG thing, and baseball, and basketball. But football is biggest.


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I live in Northern Virginia (right outside Washington D.C.) I am 38 and we had a team in high school. In this area girls soccer is KING. Sports are very competitive here. Although Lacrosse seems to be the up and coming sport for girls. I'd say softball,cheer/dance team, volleyball would be next, track, tennis. Field Hockey ranked pretty low at my school.

On a side note, a dance team from my high school was on America's Got Talent a year ago. They went pretty far, West Springfield HS in VA.

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Oh, I remember that dance team--they were good, and I looked forward to their performances as they moved through.

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My DD played in the 60s in Rockland County, NY (30 miles from NYC), and she has the surgical knee scars to prove it.

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I grew up near Detroit and now live in IL. Never heard of field hockey as a kid but it's played at our public high school now. it's more of an up and coming sport in our area now.

We were at the Olympics and saw the US team play last week. I was initially surprised to see that all the US players were from near Philadelphia or VA, but once I thought about it, I remembered that it is a regional sport.

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All the high school teams in southern Mass have a women's field hockey team. They have really cute skirts as part of their uniform.

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I played "girls'" field hockey in high school in Clarence NY. It was rough-I got run into and knocked down and hit with sticks on occasion.

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I played field hockey in either Jr high or high school..don't remember which or where...I went to so many schools

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