phone gps on smartphones....

katlanAugust 14, 2013

I just saw this video on youtube. It looks legit to me. But what do I know? haha I don't have a smartphone.

If it is true, it's scary, and it tells you how to turn it off on your phone. It says to go to settings --- location services ----- camera then turn the camera off. Can still take pics but it blocks gps location.

Can Raven or any other guru tell me if this is true?

Here's the link to the youtube video, or you can go to youtube and type in 'smartphone pictures pose privacy risk'. I linked to the first one, a guy leaning against a telephone pole.

Here is a link that might be useful: smartphone gps on youtube

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It is true. They recommended doing this on the news a few months ago.

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They've been recommending it for a few's like using your credit card online...someone may be adversely affected...but the likelyhood of your information being misused is quite slim.

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Well, you can turn off your GPS on your phone...but you also block 911 services....just pray you don't need them.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes it is true we had some topics about that in the past. There are apps you can get that will strip all the personal info from your pictures before you post them so that you can leave all your gps settings on if you prefer. The one I use is called pixelgarde.

I suggest always looking at the details and properties of each picture before you post it anywhere to see just what info is attached to it.
Edit to say turning off the camera feature of gps does not necessarily disable all aspects of your gps it depends on your phone and if it has the option to simply turn off the camera portion as was shown in the video clip link posted. And of course turning it back on is a simple couple of clicks in the locations settings area of the phone settings.

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