Good Morning on Friday

marilyn_sueAugust 3, 2012

Good Morning Everyone

I have the sprinkler on watering part of the garden. I am also going to a few rummage sales this morning with Cheryl. We went yesterday and had a good time plus got some things we can use. I did buy some wide mouth canning jars and some jelly jars. It is going to be another hot and dry day here. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Sue in central Indiana

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I managed to snatch my hubby from the neighbors, friends and relatives that have been keeping him busy all spring and summer with all the little odd jobs they had him doing and got him helping me at home. Yesterday we deep cleaned 2 bathrooms, living room and a bedroom. Today it will be the bedroom 2 and at least get a start on the kitchen. Hopefully I can keep him working here till the house is all done. But, I know that if anyone calls I will be left on my own till their work is done.

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I'm working today, but we'll be headed to our camp in the woods later this afternoon. 11 year old grandson might join us. He spent three nights with us the first of this week and enjoyed helping grandpa 'weed whack' and trim edges both at home in the yard and in the camp. We hope to spend time out there working on a gazebo that we started earlier this spring. Camp projects have suffered this year due to all the graduations earlier, vacation, and a wedding last week. Now all of that is behind us so we're hoping to spend most weekends there through August and September. Some 4-wheeler riding and sitting around the campfire might also be in the forecast :-)

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Good Morning all,

It's over cast here today, open it rains, we need it. Nothing on my agenda today except the usual boring stuff. Just finished another in the Sisterhood Series by Fern Michaels. She has 22 books in the series. She said her fans don't want to stop. LOL Have a good day everyone.

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We're having a lovely rain,which we need badly, so I won't have to water anything today. Perhaps I will clean the garage, although it really doesn't excite me, but I'll be happy when it's done.

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Getting my grocery list together since I am having 15 here for spaghetti dinner on Sunday. Taco's for dinner tonight and putting together a new chicken dish for tomorrow's dinner.

Beautiful day here in the low 90's so hopefully Bobby and his girlfriend will join us this evening to swim in the pool. Shannon will be leaving on Monday morning so have been enjoying everyday with him.

Next week will be back to our boring life while at home. Am starting to plan a trip for October maybe to Texas.

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Today I am taking Finn to the aquatic center to play in the kiddie area. I will have him until after his nap. I nap when he naps.

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I'm working on my list....and cooling off between job. Looking forward to seeing Nita when she comes back to Texas.

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This is cleaning day in my household. And today the 'maid' has shown up. She's still got a way to go, but I'll insist she finish.


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Did laundry, went out for coffee, then Yoga at my local library. I'm planning on making two salads for dinner-fruit salad and a tomato and avocado salad. Too hot to cook and eat anything heavy. It's either 87 or 92 here in Long Island NY. Either way,I'm too hot.

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I got the kitchen and Florida room all cleaned and decided to bake some lemon squares. Then I cut up a whole watermelon and diced it for quick desserts. Did a load of laundry and it's folded but not put away yet. I want to make the wild rice salad that Jude posted Sunday on the "I'll share my recipes" thread. I had rice already cooked in the freezer but it's sure taking it's time thawing.

Now I'm on break--and I'd love to stay here permanently :-)

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For some reason I feel exhausted today. Ran a couple errands early this morning and when I came home just wanted a cup of coffee and then lay down on the bed for awhile. Took some aspirin and was nearly ready to doze off, when a low flying plane buzzed the treetops right outside the bedroom window. ugh. Might as well get up. Sometimes I feel worse if I lay down during the day anyhow.

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Finally getting some much needed rain for the farmers. Hope to get enough for the sunflowers and peas. Winter wheat almost done, but OH those field fires.
Cool here today. (ND)

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