Aerosol Sunscreens

oldfixerAugust 13, 2014

I've never been fond of aerosol sunscreens. Most people fail to apply an adequate coating, plus fail to rub it in, sometimes resulting in a zebra look. Watching people spray in the wind, it looks like less than 30% gets on their body, and people downwind get the fumes. Breathing the fumes is also considered dangerous. One report says some are also flammable, one person actually caught on fire, AFTER applying the spray. Being aerosol is not good for the environment. It's a convenience product with negative implications. I prefer a squeeze cream lotion, or non-aerosol pump. Any thoughts?

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Aerosol is only flammable for the first 60 seconds after it's been applied. I think almost everyone has the patience to wait a full minute. That part doesn't worry me at all.

They don't work well. What do I use with my red skin and red hair? BullFrog gel. I use this when I am swimming all day long. I apply it once, and never, not even when being in the water in the Caribbean do I get any sun.

Here is a link that might be useful: water armor by BullFrog

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I use aerosol on the part in my hair and on my back. I use cream everywhere else. I agree that it is wasteful to use on the entire body or in the wind, but I also think that sometimes it is a necessity.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I've read or heard that the aerosol sunscreens are terrible when accidentally inhaled....especially dangerous for kids. I don't like to use aerosol anything, though.

Rob, thanks for the recommendation for Bullfrog. I've been looking for a good screen. We'll be spending lots of time on the water in the future and that can be brutal on the skin.

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Gotta be the gel though. Anything else just falls short. Never ever tan! Just burn. Both of us. And he doesn't wear a shirt or a hat when he swims. Great stuff if it can keep up with that boy.

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A friend wears white short-sleeved shirts and was using aerosol sunscreen on her arms as she works in the sun. After lots of puzzling about what was staining yellow the edges of her sleeves after the shirts went through the wash and dryer, she figured out it was the sunscreen. Several shirts ruined, and it cannot be bleached or scrubbed out.

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It came out of DH's white shirt . I soaked it overnight in warm water, Tide, and Biz. I absolutely hate rubbing in lotions if there is any trace of sand on my skin. Aerosol fan here, but I do use a small pot of face cream on my face.

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rob, your photo attire doesn't look like people in a tanning mood at a beach?
Lisa, that's a problem, people think spraying is adequate without rubbing.
rhizzo, most sunscreens have toxic ingredients, inhaling from an aerosol makes it worse.
Mexico Nature Parks, for one, bans normal sunscreen because it pollutes the water. Sorry, I can't remember the ingredient to look for to buy "natural" sun lotions. Try Google.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Zinc oxide is the ingredient in natural sunscreens. It's reported to be the most effective as well as the safest.

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Sorry, the word I wanted was "Biodegradable". Avoid wearing sunscreens, lotions or any other products in the ocean that contain these harmful ingredients:
Zinc Oxide is good, and it sits on the surface of the skin rather than being absorbed. They even make it in colors so you can have a purple or green nose,

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Lisa, I think the shirts had been through the wash and dryer a number of times and so was set in when efforts to clean the sleeves took place.

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I don't use sunscreen very often as I haven't found any with ingredients that I am comfortable putting on my skin. I avoid the sun for the most part so it's not difficult. If I worked outside it would be different. I like to use physical blockers like clothing, hats, umbrellas, etc. I know I still get sun that way but at least no chemicals.

I don't know what I will do once I have kids who go in the sun. I have to balance my dislike of chemicals with sunburns/skin cancer.

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OldFixer one of the few sunscreens that is ok for the ocean or wildlife is made by PanamaJack it is used by Discovery Cove actually the only one allowed there. I myself like that sunscreen only for it's environmental values, I bought a tube for the beach but it is $10 for 3 oz and you should be applying atleast 2 oz at the beach every few hrs. It does not last long going in & out of water. This yr several new aerosols came out that say they don't need to be rubbed in. I have atleast 2 of them, Coppertone (white can) & BananaBoat spf 30.

we are in Orlando and go to the beaches atleast 2 out of 4 weekends a month. I have an extensive collection of sunscreens everything from aerosols, cremes and oils (old school). I usually use Hawaiian Tropic creme first because it has the lowest spf I can find. yea I'm addicted to having some tan. then by late am (we get there by 8:30am) I switch to aerosols because they are easier so I'm more likely to reapply them alot which I do every 2-3 hours. aerosols, especially the new coppertone ones, don't make sand stick to you like cremes too. we use the usual hats, long sleeve tees in the afternoon and sportbrella for better protection too. ~ liz

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Another Bullfrog fan here. They have a pump spray that works really well, even upside down! If I can't find Bullfrog, then I use Banana Boat lotion or sometimes Coppertone. I generally use 30 or 50. I like being in the sun but don't want to burn. If I'm going to be out all day, I put 50 on about 30 minutes before I leave the house. I use a lot of lotion and let it soak in good.

The aerosol sprays don't work well for me.

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"Natural" is not always accepted as "Biodegradable". Even some with the word on the label are rejected.
At such famous locales such as Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Garrafon Park, Chankanaab Park, and the protected marine park in Cozumel, use of biodegradable sunscreen is mandatory, and any other type of sun products are confiscated upon entry to their facilities.
I don't see it in stores here. Don't be forced to buy it down there, the price will be even higher.

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