AARGH! Wine Bottle Burst in Car! From Heat, I Think!

CassandraAugust 13, 2010

This is so pathetic. I had parked my car on the street yesterday in blazing sun (hot and humid here--heat index above 100). When I went out in early evening to put it in the garage I smelled it before I saw it. One of two large bottles of red wine I bought two days ago and sitting on the back seat floor in a bag had BURST! I had been "meaning" to bring them inside and just put it off because of unloading other groceries, etc. It must have been from the heat but I had no clue that glass bottles would burst in heat. I diluted it with water and blotted it up as best I could, then left the car windows open (in the garage) to dry, but it was blazing hot and humid again all last night. I'm scared to go face it today! I am less worried about stain (the carpet is a dark charcoal gray) than lingering smell. What should I use to scrub it?

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Oh no. I would take it somewhere to be professionally cleaned.

Pray you don't get pulled over for some minor thing. You'd have a lot of 'splaining to do. ;-)

Hope it wasn't good wine. Wine should never be left in a warm place even if it doesn't explode.

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Had that happen in my kitchen, which used to have a carpeted floor! There was a wine bottle in the built in wine rack that popped it's cork in the heat.

Orange(smelling) cleaners would help.

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I hate to say this, but I'm not sure I'd drink the second bottle....at the very least, would not serve it to company. Heat is not good for wine. Sorry for the mess you have to clean up. I did the same thing with a bag of potatoes. It was not quite this hot but never the less it was hot. I unpacked all the groceries and decided I didn't have to bring the potatoes in right away and then I forgot about them. A few days later I brought them in but when I went to use them they were all rotten. However, potatoes are a lot cheaper than wine! LOL

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1. I had a half gallon glass bottle of milk that cracked in my trunk. Nothing to do but live with it. Drive with windows open as much as possible. We ended up crashing the car, not on purpose, and we got a new one.2. Also DH left a package of frozen shrimp overnight. Leave the doors open as much as possible, except when driving or if it's raining out. 3. Good luck!

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Ugh. I'd definitely either steam clean it or take it to be steam cleaned.
Even if it does not burst, the heat is ruinous to wine. I have had wine go bad in the cupboard during the Summer months.

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Thanks for your responses! I looked at it this morning and, while still damp, it really doesn't look or smell too bad. I'll get it professionally cleaned if need be. It was funny last night: I hauled a bucket of water and a ton of rags out to blot it up; the water and rags turned red and some splashed onto the garage floor. LOL--It looked like I was cleaning up a huge blood stain! jannine, I keep thinking it could be worse: could have been milk (or shrimp or potatoes!) Actually, the wine smell is rather pleasant for a wine lover. . .

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Pour Hydrogen Peroxide on it and blot.

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After cleaning thoroughly, I'd try putting a large bowl full of cider vinegar in the car and (with windows closed) let it sit for 2-3 days if possible. Not in the sun :-) Vinegar is a good smell remover.

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Jannie: I know you didn't mean this to be funny, but I really chuckled when I imagined this and somebody NOT doing the 'except when' part!:

"Leave the doors open as much as possible, except when driving or if it's raining out."

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I used Resolve carpet cleaner in my trunk after leaving frozn fish in my car. Pheweeee! it really helped.
I also used some of Natures Miracle (for animal accidents on carpets) and it worked great. Thank goodness! it was a horrible stench.
But it worked well and the smell was gone!


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I would scrub it with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

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Wouldn't vinegar just leave an obnoxious vinegar smell in the car? I'm wondering about Nature's Miracle. I was astonished that it actually did work on a cat pee smell, and I still have 1/2 a bottle left. Do such enzyme cleaners work on other smells than just cat smells?

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Sally Brownlee

I think Natures Miracle works great for cats.

For the wine, I would sprinkle generously with baking soda overnight and vacuum.

Also charcoal is a great odor absorber...let a few pieces lay around the spill.

I once had a canteloupe roll under the car seat. It rotted from the inside before it burst...even then I think it sat there a couple days before I figured it out...!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

What an amazing collection of things exploding/rotting/generally stinking up cars!! I had no idea this happened to so many people. Just this week I left two carrots on my car seat while I was out riding my horse and when I got back, the carrots had turned black!! I should have given them to my horse right away instead of saving them for when I was leaving. This heat is really powerful. Marita, I hope you are able to get your wine explosion taken care of. What about leaving a bowl of vinegar in the car while it's sitting in the garage? I've used that to remove paint smell from a newly painted room. Maybe it would work for wine. Good luck.

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more then likely that second bottle of wine is also BAD (wine shouldn't get hot)...in the future, remember to carry the wine in first, then the ice cream.



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You could just make sure that all the glass is gone and use a straw to suck up the rest... :)
No really the natures miracle works great on any smell....


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Sounds like you got lots of good advice above.

DGD posted on her Facebook page that she had about 10 cans of Dr.Pepper explode in the trunk of her car.

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I think the wine smell will eventually dissapate. Clean up as much as possible and let it dry. I had two jugs of wine for cooking freeze in my car while out shopping and the bottles exploded. Yes, they were glass. The frozen wine could be scrapped up along with most of the glass shards. It was impossible to rinse all of the wine out of the carpet since it was so cold even hot water was freezing on contact. The smell was bad for a while but eventually gone and I did not have to do anything special.

Once I had a package of raw meat slide out of the plastic shopping bag and hide under the seat. It was not noticed for about ten days since the car had not been driven anywhere. Ooooph. It was summer. The meat package did not leak but the odor came through and I smelled it for a long time. I sprayed vinegar around the car and lavender water. I don't smell it anymore but it took a long time.

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