Breaking Bad!

sleeperbluesAugust 12, 2013

For those that watch, what did you think? I just love this show, and am so sorry it is ending. I really have been looking forward to it all year. I almost missed it thinking it started at 9, luckily I channel surfed and saw it was 9 Eastern time.

I can't imagine how it will all end. Was surprised that Hank confronted W.W. already, and I loved the "tread lightly" threat. I doubt that Hank will, with fireworks to ensue. There is a poll online somewhere asking if Walt Jr. will die. Most people think he will. Whatever, it will be shocking, I'm sure.

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I've been anticipating this too. My daughter and I were on the phone at 10:05 discussing the episode. There's a lot of stuff that has to dealt with in 8 episodes so I'm not surprised about Hank. I have recorded it so I am going to watch it again tonight. I'm sure there's something I missed. My only hope is that Jesse is saved in the end but it doesn't look good. Never thought about Walt Jr. dying.

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I watched an interview with the star on CBS This Morning yesterday. I hadn't known what the show was about (I lead a sheltered life), but the segment about him, and about the show, was interesting. I remembered him from "Malcolm in the Middle."

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The whole episode had me tense knowing from the beginning that everything will be turned upside down for Walt and family. So good. I am just sad that there's only a few episodes left of this amazing show.

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So much happened in this episode that I am going to have to go back and watch it again. I really enjoy the show. I've been following several discussion threads and reviews and people come up with stuff I never would have noticed.

I'm still not sure who the woman is who came into the car wash. Lydia?

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I just discovered that Netflix has it for streaming. I added it to my Instant Queue. Thanks, Sleeperblues!

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You will love it, Alisande. It's very intense, but some of the best acting on TV.

Dedtired, Lydia works for Madrigal and they supplied the methylamine to Gus and then to WW.

BB shattered it's viewership with almost 5.9 million people tuning in, as opposed to 2.5 who watched last summer's premiere.

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