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marilyn_sueAugust 18, 2012

I will be going to some rummage sales in town today with a couple of my daughters. The town is having it's glass festival and there are usually more rummages during this time. After that, there are vegetables waiting for me to tend to out of the garden. Yesterday I bought myself some great books to read and lots of little girl clothes and toys for Alyssa. Do you have plans for this weekend?


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I am going with my sister to an annual neighborhood garage sale, there will be over 60 sales. In the afternoon we will be going to my Uncles funeral. It is sad to see my parents family dwindling away, we are down from 10 to 2 now, but they have lived full lives.

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I'm going to the gym this morning, come home take a shower and then have a Match.com date this afternoon at 4 p.m. This will be about the 15th first date with no hits. Wish me luck. Tomorrow I am driving to upstate New York to spend some time with my family at the lake house.

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No plans for today, but tomorrow we are going to an arts/crafts/wine-tasting event. Looks as though the weather will be fine for it.

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Good luck, Fran! I know of some Match.com success stories. I'm guessing you had to push yourself to do the first date, but after that it gets easier.

I have a busy weekend. This evening many of us are gathering at an art gallery to honor a friend who died this week. When I leave there I'm going to a jazz performance at a friend's house. Tomorrow afternoon/evening an outdoor party at a lake, given by friends who got married in New Zealand this year.

Tomorrow night: sleep!

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Have been up for about an hour and already prepped a basket of peppers for freezing, made a vat of cheese sauce--some for the freezer, some for the scalloped potatoes we'll be having for dinner.

This afternoon, DD is coming down to visit. We'll be heading out to visit some farm markets while DH changes the oil on her car. She'll stay for dinner--fried tomatoes with those scalloped potatoes.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing up the rest of the produce I've picked up for the freezer. Not super busy, but busy enough.

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We are taking our big goofy dog to a fenced dog park we've never been to. The reviews on it are absolutely terrific, so I'm sure Tucker (the dog) will have a GREAT time! There's even a creek for the dogs to play in, and a basket of tennis balls. I'm really looking forward to it, and if Tucker could comprehend, he'd be looking forward to it too. Tomorrow a friend is coming over and we are going to rehearse for an artsy short film we are in together.
Gotta go to Walmart and take this darned box fan back I got on Thursday. the blades hit on the side, it must be off center, and I'm not messing with it. I didn't really want a box fan in the first place, but the only stand fan they had was over $50. I don't NEED a $50 fan, I just want one that pushes air around!

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I am being more than lazy today. Im not dressed yet and all I have done is read and play on the computer. I really really need to clean but just can't find the motivation. Has anyone seen the movie with Meryl Streep- - maybe raising hope or something like that. I wouldn't mind doing that. Satine

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Relax...we just got back from a week in Ocean City,NJ with the whole family. Fantastic beach weather, got a great tan and DGD collected a slew of shells.

I am tanned, relaxed, but tired.
Also went up to AC for a day, and down to Wildwood for an evening.

Tomorrow, will just go over to the club and lie by the pool.

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Ran some errands this morning and this afternoon just sitting back and enjoying this beautiful weather.

Speaking of dogs, tomorrow I'll be going to "The Dog Swim" at a local park. The pool is officially closed now and Sunday is set aside for all dogs who want to come and play in the pool, with their people of course. It's an annual event and altho I have never taken a dog I still enjoy sitting up on the hill above the pool and watching the fun. Mom said she'd like to join me this year so I'll pick her up and I think we will take her King Charles Spaniel, Charlie, along - not to swim tho! He needs to be socialized more, not that he isn't super friendly with people but other dogs terrify him. :( This will give him a chance to bark at them at a "safe" distance.

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Toni S

Helped the girls get ready for sports pictures this morning and washed a whole lot of dishes, by 9:30 was out of town for an appointment. Back home by 1:15 for more cleaning, going to pull the horse/trailer/daughter to the trainers. Return by 4:30 to cut son's hair and trim horses bridle path and face for his horseshow Sunday. DD will wash her horse and I'll band his mane. REALLY NEED to make sure dd's horseshow clothes are ready. Might go out to dinner if I have any ambition. Have a use it or lose it at the country club. The end of the month just flies by! Guess we should use it. At least my kitchen won't be a mess. (I'm tired already!)

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I'm in Frederick, MD for a family wedding. We just got back from visiting the old town area, and boy, is it old! Very beautiful. Did a little shopping as there is no tax here this weekend (on clothes only?) and there were some good sales. Wedding tonight then cousin's cabin in the boondocks for a few days. It's so fun to be with extended family whom I don't get to see very often.

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