better than spray and wash !!

mimilmAugust 2, 2012

Hi, I come here all the time to read the posts--you

are all so good! I want to share with you--if you have a

tough stain to get out of your clothes, and spay and wash

didn't get it---I have been using mean green! it has taken hair color, mustard and other hard stains out of clothes.

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Mimi, where do you buy this product?

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Thanks for the tip mimi. I buy mine by the large jug, I think it's a gallon, at The Dollar General/Family Dollar Store for $5. DH uses it all the time in the garage, but I'll def try it in the house!

Thanks again.

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Years ago, when my DH worked with the Civilian conservation Corps...and used baseball type caps to identify people...White being for the leaders; I used that for washing his white caps all the time. Sprayed the cap outdors then took the hose and rinsed it and they came out great. He still wears them, but they are more easily washed in the washing machine these days.

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I use it for laundry all the time too. It does a great job. If any of you have men that work where their jeans get greasy and dirty, it will get them looking pretty decent again. I buy mine from the Dollar General store, but, I am sure that it is probably sold most places.

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Is this the same green soap I remember as a kid during the 50s. We used it on the farm for everything, including washing our hair. Bought at the grocery store. I'm going to head out and see if I can find some. Sounds like it has great potential for a lot of things.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have been using it for years from the dollar store, I like simple green better I think it cleans better. Not fond of the smell of either.
green cleaner

here they both are at walmart

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I seem to have the most trouble with the grease spots I get from dribbles (such as salad dressing) on my cotton and polyester blend t-shirts. I have to rewash them often to get those spots. I guess I ought to try one or the other green cleaner.

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Sheilajoyce, I use Oxyclean spray to pretreat laundry stains and it gets the grease and oil stains from foods out.

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