300+ earthquakes in So Cal today ...

Jodi_SoCalAugust 27, 2012

... and I didn't feel a single one. They are calling it a swarm of earthquakes and most were not aftershocks, they were actual earthquakes. Not sure what the difference is or how they determine which is which. Epicenter is about 170 miles from where I live.

I think California just lost about a million future residents. :-)


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Yikes! Oh please, not in this generation. I have too many relatives live all over California.

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As a Californian I like to hear about clusters of little quakes. Stave off the big ones.

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Not quite, wildchild:

MYTH: Small earthquakes keep big ones from happening.

REALITY: Each magnitude level represents about 31.6 times more energy released. It takes 32 magnitude 3s to equal the energy released in a magnitude 4, 1,000 magnitude 3s to equal a magnitude 5 � and a billion magnitude 3s to equal a single magnitude 9. So while a small quake may temporarily ease stress on a fault line, it does not prevent a large temblor.

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Probably propaganda to keep people from moving there. LOL

The only quake I ever felt was in Keauhou on Big Island of Hawaii. It was a 3.2 and failed to disrupt the bridge game being played at the house next to our rental. Felt/sounded big to ME!

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Just like how it never stops raining in Seattle. :D

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We had one in Kansas a couple of years ago. It was a very, very strange feeling. I never expected to experience one especially in the mid west.

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On August 23, 2012 Virginia had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. I was in the grocery store with my 2 DDs. Shelves were shaking, boxes were falling. I was wrestling in my brain thinking, This is an earthquake/but WAIT We don't have earthquakes in Virginia. There were 1-2 pretty strong aftershocks in the days later. One I was sitting on the couch alone around 1am. Knew I was alone but I still looked around the couch to make sure no one had snuck downstairs and shaking me.

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