Profuse sweating, why?

gogwmosAugust 28, 2012

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago and have been very lethargic since then. My number started at 18 (.45-4.5 is normal) and it has come down to 11 so we are still working it down.

My problem is severe sweating. If I get up and vacuum a room, it looks like I ran a marathon. I am burning up and can't cool down for hours. My face is beet red, and that doesn't go away for a long time too.

I am 44, a little overweight (I am so lethargic that I want to sleep 20 hours a day) but I don't know why I sweat like this. I want to be more active, take hikes, but I walk one block and I am totally hot, sweaty and winded.

Any ideas?

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Others at the KT know more about thyroid issues than I, but I would have thought an underactive thyroid would cause you to be cold, not hot.

Perimenopause is a possibility, and so is tick-borne illness. I do know something about the latter.

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What does your endocrinologist say about the profuse sweating?

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I'm 52 and in perimenopause (for about 4 years now). This describes my daily life - excessive sweating for no reason, burning red face, cannot cool down. Its miserable and embarassing, but so far nothing I've tried has helped. Cool, wet washcloths, bandanas (to wipe sweat) and fans are my best friends. It does sound like it could be perimenopause.

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I second the menopause. I just turned 52, and what tkaye described is me to a tee. Running the sweeper, walking, especially in the sun, and I look like I just took a shower, seriously. I can wring sweat out of my hair.

And it takes a long, long time to cool down even after getting into air conditioning. It's like my internal thermostat is broken, and I continue to sweat and feel heat waves.

Good luck, I hope that all it is is menopause, which pretty much sucks, but it isn't an illness.

I don't take anything for menopause either, refuse to even consider hormone replacement.

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I think many women take a low dose of hormone replacement just to get them through the rough times of menopause. I personally would consider that. I am old enough so that I was on hormone replacement before it was discovered to be risky. I sailed through menopause with hardly a symptom. It's too bad that something so helpful turned out to be so risky. Nevertheless, I think a low dose for a few years is not bad thing if you are suffering. Even Oprah says so , so it must be true (wink wink).

I presume you are seeing your doctor regularly for your thyroid condition, so maybe he/she can help. I am so sorry you are not feeling well. 44 is way too young to feel this way. You have decades of good living ahead. I hope you find an answer soon

Here is a link that might be useful: hormone replacement

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have had thyroid disease my whole life and profuse sweating has been a way of life for me, it is extremely embarrassing. I go shopping and am dripping water off the ends of my hair and nose, if I shake my head I give everyone around me a shower like a dog in water. My face gets as red as a fire engine. People come up to me and ask me if I am ok or need help. When I went through full blown menopause it was double as bad I literally thought I would start to shoot flames some days. Not all people have the problem this bad. I have been that way and I guess I will continue that way. I take regular daily thyroid medication and my levels read normal but for me normal is not normal and it is hard to get a new doctor to realize that, once they finally do they get better at regulating my meds.

One thing I can say is just be happy it has started later in life mine started when I was in high school and I am a senior gal now! I also have Sjogren's syndrome which causes me to have to carry water with me at all times because it affects the saliva and tear glands, so in one area I am squirting out water and in the other it is the desert LOL

Talk to your thyroid doc about it see if they can get your meds settled in, as long as they are messing with them it will be bad, once it gets settled in sometimes it will get a little better. You just may be one of the unlucky ones unfortunately.
Good luck I would not wish it on anyone.

I took a low dose of hormones as I went through menopause then he weaned me off while doing that he put me on a very low dose of zoloft, half of a 25mg, that worked well and I have decided to stay on that zoloft dose it just seems to take the edge off. But I do wish I had stayed on the low dose of hormone.

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After a few years on thyroid hormone your tsh should not be at 11, it should be much, much lower. You are undermedicated.

You most likely have the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism (and also the most common) which is Hashimotos. Have you had your thyroid antibodies checked? With Hashimotos you can swing from hypo to hyper over and over until the thyroid dies and you become completely hypothyroid. The hyper stage can cause excess sweating as well as anxiety, fatigue and other symptoms including those that mimic the hypo stage.

I was diagnosed about 8 years ago and still have not found the right dose or the right thyroid hormone for me. It is a frustrating disease.

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The normal thyroid values have been changed, read the articles below. Anything over .3 is considered too high so you're WAY off the norm. Why is it taking so long to adjust. My niece presented with tsh of 157 and in one year they had her in the normal range. I also have hypo and sweat when the temp is over 68, it's a curse so I know how you feel. I never sweated before the problem so they're related. I would print out the values of normal range and bring it to my dr. Read as much as you can on the site below. Perhaps you need a different dr. Is he an endocrinologist? You need so see one if not. Good luck, I hope you get it all resolved sooner than later. You have to be proactive as most have very little knowledge of what's going on in the thyroid world.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thyroid info

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sound to me like you need a new doctor

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I'm hypo and have been on meds for 26 years. I'm very often freezing cold. I'm past menopause of course, but did take hormones until I learned just how bad they can be. Had to have a lumpectomy and 30 radiaion treatmens last year. I don't know if it was connected or not. I don't react to meds the way most people do and I know that Dr.s just won't beleive me, when I tell them I need an adjustmen in medication. i've known my body a lot longer than they have.

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