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sheilajoyce_gwAugust 22, 2012

I read on here people liked the Dollar Store's Awesome degreaser/cleaner, so I bought some. Tonight I was trying to clean some oily substance sprayed on my car windshield from a passing car carrier truck. The water and rubbing alcohol removed the drips of oil, but the window was smeared. So next I tried the dilute Awesome, and it was great. The window squeaked immediately as I was wiping it with paper towel. The dollar bottle goes a long way because you mix just a little of it with a quart of water. So I too highly recommend this stuff.

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I'm so glad you mentioned that. I had to leave the computer and go and see what kind of Awesome I used a day or two ago. It was Awesome Kitchen Cleaning solution. What great stuff.I sprayed it on badly damaged floor areas and could see it working and just scraped the residue up with a paper towel.

I couldn't remember where I bought it . Now I know thanks again

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