Help! Please! I need to remove front panel of washing machine

caroline94535August 18, 2008

My top loading, Kenmore Elite Whirlpool washer is leaking. It's about five years old. I'm not sure of the model name and all the paperwork is still packed away.

Do you know how I remove the front panel? The washer developed a serious leak this evening. Water is running out from under the washer, near the front. It is not leaking from the hoses that fill the washer, nor from the big hose that drains the water out.

Any help you can offer will be so appreciated.

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do not remove...tip the machine back on to a chair or something to get a look could be something as simple as a hose clamp has loosened off

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Do a google
leaking Whirlpool washer
a lot of sites come up

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I would say that you should NEVER tip a washing machine unless the owner's manual says it is safe to do so. Why? Because on many models, tipping it causes it to leak oil, and once it has started it will never stop. That's why when we bought our new washing machine I made sure that the front panel is removable for servicing.

Caroline, you can look up the owner's manual online. Look at your machine -- lift the lid and read the stuff that's on the inside of it. There has got to be a clue as to the model name or number. At the very least, take a good look at it, and you will recognize it on the Kenmore Elite Whirlpool web site - then check the manual.

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Usually - if you look in the seam of the top of the front panel and the lip of the top of the machine, there are two clips there. Slide something long and thin in there, like a putty knife - you'll have to push a little hard. Be careful not to scrap the finish on the panel though.

Good luck!

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