How to show my posts/threads history?

karynJuly 22, 2013

Unlike many other forums where you can see our own history, I can't find that feature here.

I've tried searching - but there is no username search so it's not effective.

Is there any place I can go so see my posts/thread history (with links) I sometimes lose track of threads I was participating in...

(YES I KNOW YOU CAN GET REPLIES VIA EMAIL - but that wasn't the question)

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Do a google search with this line (you can copy/paste)


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

at the bottom of the page there's a search box option, enter your name in the box then select for this forum only or all. This is on the main page of each forum.

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Thanks - both these methods work much better than what I was trying - using the "Search" box at the top of the page. (That was giving me a complete mess searching my name in GardenWeb.)


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But I've seen they only give you some of the posts--at least on the Kitchens site.

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