My daughter had knee surgery today

jewels_ksJuly 1, 2013

Today my daughter had knee surgery to have her meniscus
repaired from a soccer injury. All went well and she is home with a Polar Pack and Loritab. On Wednesday we make a visit to her physical therapist and then in two weeks back to her surgeon. I got a little teary eyed when we went in to see her after the surgery, but she did really well. We will have some fun memories of her coming out of the anesthesia.
Tomorrow we are going to go to the grocery store and she wants to ride in one of the electric carts.

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Thoughts for a speedy recovery for your daughter!

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Sounds like a successful surgery and your daughter seems to have a good attitude! I hope she has fun with her grocery store cart ride!

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I had that same surgery about a year ago. I know she will do well as she is young and strong. It is a tough surgery for those of us who are older (much older). Satine

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Sending a prayer that all goes well. My first knee operation was on both knees at the same time (not a smart move, as I didn't have a leg to stand on!), but I was in my early 30's, so it went well.

The problem was the therapy that followed. They were too aggressive and I ended up re-tearing the meniscus in one knee. Therapy is critical, but it shouldn't be done to the point where it really hurts.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I had three surgeries on one knee and if it hadn't been for those grocery store carts and the kindness of strangers, I would have had quite a time. Hope your daughter has a speedy recovery! I didn't have much pain after my meniscus surgery, as I recall.

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Glad all went well.

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Sending prayers for a good recovery. Sounds like she has a great attitude so she should do well.

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Hope it goes well for her. I'm middle-aged and had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus last March, and was back to work five days later. Not completely well, but functional.

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Hope your daughter gets well soon. Just had a torn meniscus fixed in Dec, second one in that knee. Now in Aug it will be a total knee replacement. Tell her to just take it easy on that knee.

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ohhhh, of course the first thing that caught my eye was it to pieces, but my kids and grands have a few misshaps...not surgery! hope her recovery goes well..if she still plays remind her warm-ups are a must!!

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Thanks for all the comments. She is doing good and handling the pain pretty well. I keep putting ice into the Polar Pack. I am looking forward to her PT visit tomorrow so we can see her knee unwrapped. She will be playing soccer as soon as she is well and also running in cross country. She is a very strong athlete.

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I had the same surgery two years ago. Might a make a suggestion to also place an ice pack behind her knee. It really helps to keep the swelling down. It sounds like she is in great shape! She will recover in no time!

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