Wood songs!! Such a wonderful sound!

glenda_alJuly 1, 2013

Living in a wooded area and the crickets are singing their hearts out!


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Have the katydids started yet?

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Ahhh yes, loud and clear :o)

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I love the sound of the tree frogs too...

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We are totally surrounded by woods, and love the sights and sounds. However, we just went through the once-every-17-years onslaught of cicadas. The sound was deafening, plus our trees have little clumps of dead leaves all over from where they burrowed in. They are weird little creatures--they come to life, have sex, lay eggs, and then die. Fortunately, they only last for a few weeks.

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Same here Glenda, had a doe come up to my window yesterday as I was sitting in the sun room. She even let me take pictures without scurrying off. I'm surrounded by water and woods.

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