Check out these stunning photos of . . . pigeons!

alisandeJuly 10, 2012

When I was growing up in NYC, lots of people, mostly Italian men it seemed, kept pigeons on rooftops. This photographer is recording the relatively few flocks of collected and bred pigeons that are left, and his photos are gorgeous. See for yourself!

He says, "Once you view the flocks flowing and swirling high above Brooklyn, catching the shifting sunlight, you start to see the artistry involved." I would say his photography adds another dimension to the artistry.

Pigeons in flight, and their keepers

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Interesting for sure! I enjoyed the photos. Thanks!

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Nice batch of pigeons.

Those birds would have a tough time in the city of Milwaukee. A number of years ago, pigeons were a problem for A. O. Smith, a manufacturer of frames for the
Ford Ranger pickup truck. The welded and primed frames were stacked outside waiting for final finish coats and painting. Pigeon do-do was causing bad spots in the finish and promoted early spot corrosion on the finished truck. This was only one example. Others involved cleaning public buildings and repairing corrosion caused by the pigeons. Also, occasionally a peddestain got crapped on and if he was irate enough, he might complain to city hall. A common citizen might not carry much weight with city hall, but when the captains of industry and operators of various summer festivals complained, they took note.

A.O. Smith had tried several deterrents; one that was partially effective was gas cannons that fired off on a random schedule, but the noise disturbed sleeping 2nd and 3rd shiftg workers and sleeping babies.

The city fathers installed a few nesting pairs of perguine falcons - pigeons are one of their favorite prey. The idea was sold to the public as a conservtion measure to bring back these falcons from the brink of extintion. Owners of tall buildings downtown went along with the idea and provided nesting alcoves for the falcons. The result was highly successful for contriolling the pigeon population.

We do have a few pigeon fanciers in the area, but they do not raise free fight birds in the city of Milwaukee. Breeders of racing pigeons locate their hutches outside the falcon nesting area. If they should race a bird through the city, they run a chance of loosing it.

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Wow, what great memories that brought back. When I was in 1st grade I got 25 cents a week to gather pigeon eggs and scrape pigeon poop for a guy who kept Tumbler Pigeons. As disgusting as that might sound I loved the job and was transported back for a wonderful moment while looking at all the photos.


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