WOW, it cooled off...

OklaMoniJuly 28, 2012

it's down to 91 degrees, at 9:20 PM....

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10:40PM North Central Ohio 69�! It's been in the 70's all day. Feels great!

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hot hot hot and extremely humid in Key West

Key Lime pie cooled you off with conch fritters and key lime mustard for dipping

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I hope it cools down a lot for Moni , tami, glenda and all.

It's been decent here the last couple of days, thank heaven.

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its 75 here at 7:53 am. Come on down Moni, I'd love to have you here.

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Enjoy your cool spell Moni. I am in south central KS just a few hours from you and it is suppose to be 109 tomorrow. That's according to my Weather Watcher, not sure of it's accuracy anymore. I will check this morning's paper.

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We're driving through Kansas right now. At our last stop, in McPherson, the car thermometer read 117 (outside temp) while parked on hot pavement for just a few minutes. While driving, the temp has been running around 102-107. Right now it says 105 and it's 7:30. My mom says it's not any cooler at home. When we left the mountains this morning around 7:00 it was in the 40s. DD just said it got up to 69 this afternoon.

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At the moment it is 99, at 8:40 PM on Sunday evening.

Moni... who will have a high electric bill... even so the AC is set at 80.

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