Nordstrom Bra . Were you happy with fit?

seniorgal_gwJuly 21, 2013

After hearing about wonderful fitting at Nordstrom's I bought three expensive bras there. I'm not happy with fit.

If you have bought bras there were you satisfied with fitter and fit?

Any suggestions for less expensive bras elsewhere?

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Take them back.

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Take them back if you aren't happy. Tell them what isn't right about them or the fit that isn't pleasing you. No one is going to argue with you, their customer service is stellar...

You could try again with a different fitter, or just return them.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If it was recent I would definitely take them back, they are way too expensive to sit in a drawer or wear and be uncomfortable. I have never had a fitting there but have heard good things, but you could have a got her on a bad day.

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Ah, bras , jeans and bathing suits! The worst shopping experiences.

It took me years to find the right bra. I went everywhere. First thing though, never buy three bras at once. You really need to take it home and wear it to see if it works for you. If it does, then stock up.

For years I kept buying bras and storing them. Finally, I saw a picture of myself in my sagging bra. I looked terrible. I vowed to keep hunting.

I was fitted at Nordstrom, but I buy my Wacoal bras now from a local merchant who is cheaper. I never thought I could wear underwire, but need to. The bra I have has the pink breast cancer ribbon on the tag.
I also went to the store in NYC that Oprah once recommended. The two I bought there make me look great, but were not comfortable for all day wear.

You need to take your time. Some you know right away are too uncomfortable. Sit, stand, walk around in the fitting room. make a phone call. The longer you have it on, you can better judge the comfort.

I would be interested to see if Nordstrom's will take bras back.

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Oh boy, bra shopping is the worst. (or maybe I should say oh girls). I spent a looong time in the bra dept at Bloomies, trying on every bra in my size just recently. I found one I though I liked but they only had it in black. I went home and ordered it online at It was a less expensive there. So, they arrived in the shade called Ivory. I wore one of them for a day and was so uncomfortable, plus the Ivory was so light it showed through my clothes. Back they went. They were Wacoal and cost $60 each in the store.

Still, while I could stand to have it on, a good bra really makes a difference in how you look.

I was thinking of trying Nordstrom's and having a fitting. I'm sorry to hear that did not work out for you, Seniorgal. There are also some lingerie shops nearby that specialize in fittings. It just makes me really uncomfortable to be measured!

What misery.

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I'm not shy about being 'fitted', but I've never known that to help me find a good bra! That's just DIY exhausting: Dressing, undressing, back and forth to the fitting room until you find -- or don't find -- something that works. I dread it so much that I am now down to two bras -- both merely 'covering me', nothing more. (This style of Vanity Fair isn't made any more, and even if they were, I'm not the same 'me'.) Oh, to be less 'well endowed'!

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Good to know, dedtired, that Nordstrom's takes back bras.
It's so true that what works for one person, doesn't for another.
Don't give up seniorgal. Make this your summer mission. I would go back to Nordstrom's and get a different sales person. Explain what happened.

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used to wear bali for years, underwire...but have switched to a front closure...and dropped underwire in my 30' did they have any relation to the location of my breast cancer? underside near the ribs (contained thanks be by a lumpectomy) maybe i'll ask at my next visit...

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I hate bras. I don't wear them around the house except when I have to be in the front yard watering, etc. I long for my younger days when I was a 32A and no one knew whether or not I was even wearing a bra. I used to wear underwire and they poked me under my arms. I would have to go to Chicago or Twin Cities to find a Nordstrom to get fitted. Maybe I can find a bra shop in Des Moines.

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Linda, I was going to say the same thing! Oh for the days when I was a 32A. I am dumbfounded that young women get implants to give themselves huge boobs, although I understand they stand up pretty much by themselves.

Underwires don't bother me. If they are bothering you, they don't fit right.

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