well, that was fun--not!

azzaleaJuly 30, 2012

About an hour ago, just when I'd gotten a new half-gallon of ice cream out of the freezer...

DH popped into the kitchen. "What's wrong with your car?" ???? I don't know--you drove it last, what's wrong with it? (I didn't say that, of course.

"The dome light is on, and the door open light on the dash is on". So outside I trotted--checked all the doors to see if they were shut--they were--lights were still on. Then I checked all the little button switches, they all seemed okay. Then I started the car and turned it off. Went through the whole process a few more times--hoping something would change. Checked the manual--no help there. Drove around the block... I did, at some point turn off the dome light.

Then I spent a while on Google, reading suggestions about disabling fuses, etc (wasn't about to do that!). Finally read someone else having the same problem, and someone else insisting the back window was open. AHH! Dug through the manual again (I never open that--had to see how to operate it--LOL!). Yep! That was it. DH has been using the real key, not the beeper to open the doors, and that can open the back window.

So, did I miss the men's gymnastics? My half gallon of ice cream was all melted by the time I finally figured out the problem. Oh, well, didn't cost me a repair bill, so guess I'm still coming out ahead

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Oh no! ... for the ice cream that is :]

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