So proud of my niece!

joann23456July 21, 2012

Chloe ran in a race for kids today. She came in 3rd in her age class.

But when the awards were announced, they gave her the medal for 2nd place. Right away, she said to my sister, "I should be third." and as soon as they'd given out the medals, she went right over to an official an spoke up. Thankfully, the girl who'd won 3rd had realized that she shouldn't have won, having actually come in 32nd.:) So Chloe got that medal.

We were so proud of her for doing the right thing!

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What a wonderful example of honesty. Tell her thank you from a great grandma.

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You have every right to be proud!

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Yes tell her your friends from around the country are proud of her too. and she should run for president of the USA when she gets older.

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She's being raised right!

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Thanks! I found out later that she got overwhelmed after doing this and shed a few tears, and the 2nd-place winner felt bad and offered to give the medal back, which was so sweet. But Chloe said, "No, I didn't earn it - you did."

I think all of those girls behaved admirably!

(We found out later that a boy in the neighborhood, who is Chloe's age, 10, was erroneously registered for the age 6-8 race. He won, and took the medal with no qualms.:(

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Good for her! She's setting a great example already!

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I would be equally proud if one of my girls did that too! Isn't it great when kids speak up on their own. She knew she had to do the right thing, even though she would have liked that 2nd place medal. Good for her for being honest and running in her race!

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