Can someone explain Pinterest?

JoAnn_FlaJuly 13, 2012

I just joined, and still don't quite understand how to use it. Can someone explain it the "easy way" like Pinterest just for dummies?

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If you see a 'pin' you like, run your mouse over it till you see the "repin", "like" or "comment" buttons. If you want to put it on one of your 'boards', press 'repin'. You can name your boards whatever you want or use the suggestions that come up for you.. I have 'decorating', 'crafts', 'for the yard', 'people I like' boards among others. Think of it like a scrapbook where you'd cut out and paste ideas you liked.. but instead you are 'pinning' and pasting on a virtual scrapbook. If you 'like' something, it will be saved, but not on one of your boards... I only use that if I am not sure what board to pin on or if I like the pin, but really don't want to find out more about it.

If you want to 'follow someone', then you will see their recent pins when you click on 'Pinners you follow' at the top. When you click on a pin it will take you to the website or blog that the picture originated from so that you can read more.

Hope that wasn't more confusing for you. lol I love Pinterest! I've got lots of great ideas and recipes there.

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It is a great place just to browse and pick up new ideas. I love to pick up recipes to try.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Here's a tutorial, for more Google it

Here is a link that might be useful: 101

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I like it too. Some great recipes are there. ..Ravencajun..can you tell me why my photo there is my old FB one? When I changed it on FB, it didn't change on Pinterest.

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It's kind of like your Favorites or Bookmarks, but with pictures. You can set up folders for special topics (those are your boards) and then when you find something you want to add to your Favorites you "pin" it to your board.

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I'm thinking mine would become another bunch of "stuff" filed on boards very much like my overstuffed folders in Bookmarks.

It is fun to read once in a while but I just don't understand the reason for all the pinning and re, re, repinning. Many years ago, when I was being much more creative, I'm sure I would have loved it. But now I'm too concerned with getting things out of the house than in it. :)

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I read Pinterest occasionally, but I don't do the pinning and re-pinning either. Actually, I find the re-pinning to be annoying. ;)

I've found good recipes there and a couple of crafts that I liked. I don't participate in it, just browse.

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Thanks, now to go find my boards. Where did I leave them anyway??

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We are doing several remodel projects around the house so when I find some cool object, accessory, piece of furniture, design idea or color I like, I pin it.

The really cool thing to me is if I find something on, let say Amazon,, Home Depot or other retail site, I can create banner across a corner of the image showing the price simply by adding a dollar sign and the price to the description.


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I love it ....and if you see something you like and don't pin very well could be gone if you go looking for it again.

I pin anything that looks interesting....then if I decide I don't want it or find it is just someone trying to sell can easily delete it.

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I have been learning some Pinterest etiquette - LOL!

Please don't upload pictures if you are getting them from a blog. Link to the blog.

Also - if you are on the main page of the blog - click on the project/food/item/whatever name so you go directly to that blog entry. Otherwise you link to the blog, but when a Pinner trys to go look at it, it goes to the main page and you have to search (and search) to find the item.

Happy Pinning!

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just log on to pinterest and you're page will be there, click on your name and a list will come up with options of where to store your pics.

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