Where are Nodakgal and Pattico?

jasdipJuly 26, 2012

I haven't seen either of them around and I miss them.

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Thought I posted, but it disappeared. Nodakgal got some heavy rain and may be busy with family. Due miss her updates.

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I'm still here...but I have to log on every time I post..and I'm sick and tired of doing so...

I hate it since Ivillage took over...

but I always read to see how you are all doing.

But you left a smile in my heart to know someone actually missed me.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

pattico try clearing all the cache and history and cookies from the browser you are using that usually fixes that problem. And I have found logging in on the main page of ivillage works best when I have had this problem for the main page go up to of the page here and click on the big Ivillage Garden web.

If you tell me what browser and which version I will be happy to tell you how to clear the cache or just google clear cache on IE version and list your version.

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I have to sign on a lot, it takes only a few seconds. You can do it! lol

KatClaws AND Jen Tex! Missing them! and a lot others,

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I clear the history and cookies all the time but not the cache...I'll try that one and see what happens. I just cleared the other two a couple of days ago.

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Another problem on here (only here) is how slow it is.

I click to navagate in and out of posts and it takes so long I think it didn't work and click it again. Then I get sent back to my start up page.

I wish they would do something about how slow it run in here. None of the other forum or website are slow like this place.

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Yes, Kat, but Pattico and Nodakgal have been recent posters. I just wondered what they've been up to lately.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The slow problem is due to the ads, I have adblock plus with the easylist and it eliminates the ads so things load quite fast.

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*waving Hi Jasdip*
Hey, I'm here now! LOL Thanks for missing me!!
I still stop in and read once a week or so.
I miss you guys too! Just got out of the habit of posting I guess. How's the hubby, and cats?

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